Heroes Next Door

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I’m so excited to share with you about our new book, Heroes Next Door–Hornet 24, available nowWe have included a free bonus chapter below, simply download and enjoy.


A Note From the Author:

Welcome to the world of Heroes Next Door! I am excited that you are taking the time to read this bonus chapter, The Blue Stars in Lam Son 719.  This is an additional short story.  While it can stand alone, it is a follow up chapter, allowing Matt and Ellie to explore another chapter of the Vietnam conflict.

My wife and I home school our four children.  Our oldest son is an avid reader, but we found that his reading ability quickly outpaced the quality of material available.   As we discussed U.S. History, and worked to find appropriate books to supplement their studies, we found very few age-appropriate works regarding the Vietnam War.  There are tremendous memoirs and quite good history books, but we found they often contained age inappropriate materials.   That need and our experiences with real life Heroes Next Door led to this work. Intended for the Middle School or Young Adult audience it provides a look into the life of an Army Aviator during the Vietnam conflict.

We provide a look at history, science, and current events while delving into the process of maturing from a recent high school graduate to a seasoned combat veteran.  I paid particular attention to equipment and focused on providing a ‘real’ feel to the narrative. The individuals are fictitious, the stories heavily based on real events and locations. The stories are filtered to eliminate controversial or adult themes, language, and other age inappropriate content. I do not pretend that war is all glory, but do not dwell on the cost either.

The full text is available on e-book and paperback. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this short story. Please share this work, like our Facebook page, and look for the book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, kindle, and other online retailers! I hope you choose to join Matt and Ellie as they meet Mr. Ed and learn about the Vietnam conflict.


Finally, to all of our Vietnam veterans, thank you for your honor, courage, sacrifice, commitment, and dedication to our great country. Welcome home.

Check out this review by Lori Hooten with The Old Schoolhouse which reads in part, “This is a historical novel that is well worth the read. Even if you are not a fan of military stories, this book gives you a personal view of the Vietnam War and some of the people that served there. The story is very well told, hinting at many of the difficult circumstances the men fighting the war had to endure but not giving too many details. The telling is gentle enough for Heroes Next Door Hornet 24 to be a family story and engaging enough that a middle school student would enjoy reading it for class. Chris Peluso did a fantastic job with this story of Mr. Ed’s tour of duty in Vietnam.”


Mr. ED HAS A HELICOPTER! Shouts Ellie and her older brother Matt as they pull into their driveway one afternoon.

Can we go next door and see it?

Ellie and Matt have never given much thought to their much-older neighbor until they see a timeworn helicopter parked outside his house.

Heroes Next Door-Hornet 24 speaks to the hidden stories we all hold within and introduces two precocious children to the realities of the Vietnam War.  Mr. Ed, a retired U.S. Army Aviator, shares his own experiences with Ellie and Matt as they assist in restoring the helicopter.

What soon unfolds is a tale more dramatic and harrowing than the children ever thought they would encounter in their humble suburban neighborhood, the children learn history, patriotism, respect, courage and sacrifice from Mr. Ed’s stories.

Written with younger audiences in mind, Heroes Next Door-Hornet 24 acts as a living history that will touch generations to come.

Author Biography

Chris Peluso is a homeschooling father of four.  He holds a Master of Education degree and is a retired paramedic and firefighter. He enjoys spending time as a Living History Interpreter, Sunday-school teacher, and volunteer leader with Trail Life USA.

Free Bonus Chapter: Heroes Next Door The Blue Stars in Lam Son 719 (1)

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