Tuesday Tips

Tuesday Tips #1 Teacher Workdays

Tuesday Tips Series I have been doing a lot of planning and thinking about what I wanted to share on the blog this year.  There will be many curriculum and book reviews, more hymn studies, and some fun unit studies. I also wanted to start a new series called Tuesday Tips, where I will share…

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Tuesday Tip #2 Do not try to fit everything into one day!

Overwhelmed With Your Homeschool Schedule? If I start thinking about all of the subjects I want my children to learn or expose them to, I can make a long list.Bible, reading, math, science, history, government, music, art, writing, nature study, foreign language, poetry, spelling, geography …..That list could keep going, but there is no way…

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Tuesday Tips #3 Picture Books Are Not Just For Young Children

Picture Books Are Not Just For Young Children One day as I sat in a college-level class at Campbell University (Go Camels!), my professor brought out a picture book and began reading to the class. To say we were surprised was an understatement; most of us had not had a picture book read to us…

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Tuesday Tips #4 The Importance of White Space for Your Homeschool

What is White Space? White space is simply empty (or white) space on the calendar, times you do not have plans and commitments. This includes times you do not plan to be ‘doing school,’ going out, having appointments, etc. White space in my homeschool is trying to have more time for school than I have…

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Tip Tuesday: Our Homeschool Secret Weapon-Audiobooks

Our family uses a wide variety of resources in our homeschool. We enjoy different curriculum choices, books, science experiments, math manipulatives, and more. I appreciate all of them, but one of my absolute favorite homeschool resources is audiobooks.Audiobooks are my secret weapons for making everything happen! Benefits of Audiobooks in Your Homeschool While an audiobook…

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Tuesday Tips: Relationships Over Academics

I only have to learn some lessons once, but this is one that I have to remind myself and use to help evaluate our schedule constantly. Relationships are more important than academics!  *Some links in this post are affiliate links, see disclosure below* Some of you are shouting Amen, and others wonder if my children…

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Tuesday Tip: Read Alouds and Legos are like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Read Alouds and Legos are like peanut butter and jelly; they just go together. (Full disclosure: I dislike peanut butter, but my kids love PB&J). *Links contained in this post may be affiliate links, see disclosure below* One of the questions or concerns that I often hear from the parents of young children is that…

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