Tuesday Tips #1 Teacher Workdays

Tuesday Tips Series

I have been doing a lot of planning and thinking about what I wanted to share on the blog this year.  There will be many curriculum and book reviews, more hymn studies, and some fun unit studies.

I also wanted to start a new series called Tuesday Tips, where I will share a simple homeschool tip each Tuesday (or at least most Tuesdays).  Some tips will be for new homeschoolers, and others will focus on specific areas like teens or homeschooling in the kitchen.

These will be short and simple posts that will hopefully give you some new ideas and strategies to help your homeschool run smoothly.  I would love for you to share your thoughts and/or questions that need tips in the comments.

Tuesday Homeschooling Tips

Today’s Tuesday Homeschooling Tip

Teacher workdays are essential for homeschool teachers.

We often think of teacher workdays as just something for classroom teachers, but they can be beneficial in our homeschools.  These days are perfect for planning, grading papers (especially those high schoolers), preparing materials, and setting goals.

Sometimes I schedule them ahead of time, like this week.  My high schooler is doing some independent work, but I am taking this week to plan and prepare before we start back from our break.

Other times we take one just because we need it.  When life happens, and you feel overwhelmed, or behind, it is okay to decide to take a teacher workday and get things straight before moving forward.

You might have realized that a particular program was not working, but you aren’t sure how to fix it or what to try.  Take the day to research ideas and develop a plan without feeling the pressure of also trying to keep teaching.

Are you already utilizing teacher workdays in your homeschool?  What works for you?

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