Homeschool Freebies: Free Worksheet Motherlode

If you have searched for online resources for your homeschooling, only to find dead links, too many ads, and not enough substance, this resource is for you.   This is the description from the folks at

We surveyed over 1100 homeschoolers and asked:  What are your all-time favorite worksheet sites? Which ones do you use most? And which ones have the most value for other homeschooling families. We compiled all their answers, weeded out the duplicates, categorized each site by subject and age, then checked out each and every site to be sure
1) it was really there
2) it really had  a good selection of quality worksheets,
3) IT was NOT a stupid, time wasting ad site,
4) and their worksheets were freefor the taking.

We ended up with an amazing directory of over 300 quality resource sites chock full of worksheets and activity sheets yours for the taking. You won’t believe how many treasures you’ll uncover with this new directory…it is the motherlode.

To get the directory, click here to join their email list (also free).  The link for this download will be sent to you within 72 hours.  Hurry!  It will only be offered free for a couple of weeks.  There’s no other way to legally obtain this great resource.  They’ll also send you a list of upcoming freebies each Monday.  Pretty slick!

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