Homeschool Product Review: Auto Upkeep

autoupkeep1In searching for material for electives for our son’s freshman year, I came across a website which immediately caught my eye. Our son is very mechanically-inclined, and is just on the verge of being old enough for a learner’s permit, so this was a no-brainer!

Auto Upkeep is a very thorough program, set up to instruct the student about each automotive system, as well as basics on purchasing a vehicle, insurance, and practical points like automotive safety, care and expenses. There is absolutely no shortage of resources in this complete program! There are plenty of web links and books listed for further research.

Auto Upkeep materials include a student textbook and workbook complete with review questions for your student to answer, as well as practical exercises to perform. If your child is a hands-on learner, he or she will not be disappointed, as they are called upon in each chapter to put into practice what they have learned. You’ll get some fluid level checks, cleaning and general maintenance for free!

Also available is a teacher resource cd, including: course syllabus, PowerPoint slides, lab activities, chapter tests, exams and final, and answer keys. For home educators, there is a special homeschool curriculum kit available as well.

Not only have these materials provided our son with detailed information about the things he *thought* he knew about taking care of a vehicle, but they will also be a very handy resource for the future when he wants to go back and remind himself of what he’s learned.

If you have a potential driver in your family, or a student who has exhibited an interest in a career as an auto tech, the Auto Upkeep course would be an excellent investment! Right now there are some excellent discounts going on…nearly 50% off! Click here to go check it out!

Note: I was given the homeschool curriculum kit in exchange for an honest review of these products.

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