Another Way to Trade Your Used Books for Some Jingle in Your Pocket!


I’ve been known to say “There is no such thing as having too many books”…but, well, truthfully sometimes there is. Sometimes books are friends, and we know we want to keep them near us. Other times, a book has served its purpose and it needs to find a new home so we can make room for more on our shelf!

When I was in college, I saved a whole lot of money by taking those monstrous textbooks I knew I’d never use again (History of Civ comes to mind 😉 ) and going to our campus store to sell them back (in good condition, of course). Now as a homeschool mom, I have saved a LOT of money by buying used textbooks from Amazon. For literally pennies sometimes, I’ve gotten textbooks for Spanish, Algebra, Esthetics (for an elective for our Cosmetology enthusiast) and plenty more!

One thing I sort of knew, but have never tried is the “flip side”: letting Amazon buy back our used books! Did you know you can do that? Very cool, right? So those boxes of books that would not sell at yard sales, and you are loathe to just toss in the trunk to take to Goodwill…can be repurposed and put a bit of jingle in your pocket just in time for the holidays! You can get up to 80% return on those materials!

Want to know more? Just click on that pile of books at the top of this post! 🙂

For the Love of Learning (and saving money!),

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