A Life That Says Welcome

Many of the book reviews that I do will be specifically books for home school moms. However, I’m going to be reviewing several this fall that deal with hospitality in our homes.  This is an area that I love, but that due to many life circumstances I feel like it is an area that I need to focus some attention on in my own life.

This first book, A Life That Says Welcome, by Karen Ehman was one I just finished reading and really enjoyed.  It did a great job of giving the big picture but also the nitty gritty details. She combined ideals and broad ideas with actual recipes and specific ideas.  She also gave many biblical examples of hospitality. She covered everything from getting your house ready, providing food, overnight guests, and even ways you could be hospitable outside of your own home. She shared how it wasn’t about how much money you spent or the size of your home.

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Often, when we think of hospitality we think of those people outside of our homes. We think of the new family at church, or our neighbors, or friends. We think of co-workers, extended family, even strangers but we forget our own family. This book talks about all of those people but first she talks about using hospitality to serve our own family. It is so important to remember that we need to show that love and care not only to those outside of our home but to those God placed in our home. Our husbands and children deserve to have their favorite meals cooked and time taken to show them love and appreciation as well. Then together we can serve others.  This was a powerful reminder to me.

From this book, I was able to come up with several easy ideas to show hospitality to those around us, both inside and outside of our home. I renewed my commitment to spend quality time with the kids in the kitchen while baking cookies that we could share with other outside of our home.  We are also working on ways to invite people into our home. There are so many that are very dear to us, but in today’s world of hurry up and go, hustle and bustle it can be so easy to forget to take time to spend with those around us.  There are singles, college kids, widows/widowers, young parents, and many more that could be blessed by a simple meal around the table in our homes.  Hospitality is a Biblical mandate that takes our time and attention to provide. When we make our selves available and begin to notice the needs God will provide us with the opportunity to by hospitable in His name.

I’m looking forward to trying some of the yummy sounding recipes provided in this book as well as meeting with my husband and our children to determine how we can do better as a family at inviting people into our homes. I highly recommend this book whether you are new to hospitality or just want a refresher and reminders. I think there is something to be learned even by those that are more experienced in the area of hospitality.

If you are interested in reading this book I have included the link below and if you have read it I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’d also love for you to share ways your family is showing hospitality in this season of life.

A Life That Says Welcome



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