But What If I’m Not Artistic?

Today, the kids had so much fun with their art lesson, even the 3 year old who decided coloring the whole page was far better than actually drawing anything.


When we started homeschooling my husband and I had many conversations about our goals and vision for our children. Among many others we wanted to make sure we were offering our children a well rounded education that allowed them to pursue their talents, be exposed to a variety of things, and eventually have the skills needed to become successful productive adults. While neither of us is naturally inclined to artistic pursuits we wanted our children to have some instruction in that area.  For several years I did crafts with our children and tried to find time to work in an art curriculum. However, it tended to be overwhelming or would get pushed to the back burner for other subjects.

Then I found the “You are an Artist” chalk pastel program. We tried one of their free demonstration lessons and the children were hooked. They enjoyed the calm easy style of the lesson, the resulting art work, and the affirmation that everyone is an artist. As a parent and educator I loved that they were getting quality instruction that was easy and did not require additional time on my part. An added perk is that they didn’t need a lot of hard to find or expensive supplies. My three children share a box of inexpensive chalk pastels and paper. Those are the only supplies they needed.

This year we are even more excited because we get to combine our passion for history with these amazing chalk pastel tutorials. I love using other subjects to reinforce what I am already teaching.  We will be using this great chalk pastel American History course as we go through the semester. Many of the lessons tie into  Our Journey Through History.

We started this week with the “Early Colonist” lesson to tie into our studies of Colonial History. This is a fun and easy way to incorporate art studies with our history. Maybe you aren’t doing US History or you want to focus on other subjects. You are an Artist has a variety of lessons that could be incorporated into other history studies, science, seasons, and even lessons specifically for preschoolers. You can check out all of the options here in the online shop.


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Deals and Freebies

As we enter into the fall season and return to our routines it often feels much like a new year and a chance to start over. What are you doing to get/stay healthy? I am trying to drink more water and take daily walks.
If you are looking for some starting over with a healthier lifestyle you might want to check out the Healthy Living Bundle that is on sale for just a few days. At only $37 for 93 ebooks, ecourses, and printable packs it is an excellent deal. This includes help with allergies, nutrition, gardening, exercise and more.

Free 5 Day Learning without Worksheets Challenge: FREE 5-Day Learning Challenge We have done several of her different challenges in the past and they are lots of fun and easy to implement.

Free Makeover Your Morning 5 Day Challenge! This is a great way to help re-focus and get your day off on the right foot.

Harry The Happy Mouse (Free on Kindle)

Illustrated Would You Rather Book (Free on Kindle)

Enrichment Studies has a great free fine arts memory match game this month!

Free Help Your Child’s Memory Book from All About Learning Press!

You ARE an Artist at ChalkPastel.com

11 thoughts on “But What If I’m Not Artistic?

  1. Hello from Nana at chalkpastel.com ! Wowww! I am walking on air after reading your kind comments about our pastel art lessons and how you and your family enjoy them! It is a labor of love to produce, but the encouragement and love we get back from artists of all ages make it a glorious time to create. We firmly believe that children are born artists and need that “praise reinforcement” from the family’s teachers. Indeed, we get proof every day that students love what we are doing, and yes, they can ALL be artists!


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