An Ox Cart Ride..Colonial History Week 2


Most of this week’s history centered on a field trip. We took a couple of days and visited Colonial Williamsburg. We always enjoy our trips there and this was no exception. We spent two days in Williamsburg and were able to see a variety of historical trades, buildings, and experiences.  The favorite part was a chance to ride in an ox cart. All three of the children loved it and have been talking about it since we returned. They loved making the connection with the oxen used in the old video game Oregon Trail.  My daughter loved the weaving looms and wants to go back one day when they are dyeing the threads. She is even asking for a table loom for Christmas. My oldest son thought that the little skit we went and saw was quite funny. They explained the history of hot air balloons in a very fun and comical way.

My favorite part might have been the hot chocolate. Colonial chocolate is very rich and dark with added spices. We had a bit of a sample in the tour of the coffee house. We always enjoy seeing the various trades and how they did their work. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is amazing. My husband enjoyed watching a new addition to Williamsburg, ax throwing.


The primary focus of this visit was to learn about the colonial period but we also went into the Revolutionary war period a bit with some dialogues about freedom and rights. We had a chance to hear ‘Marquis de Lafayette’ and ‘James Armistead Lafayette’ speak as they gave their perspectives on the war from that of a French man who came to help us fight and a slave who was volunteered to fight as a spy and later freed after much help from Marquis de Lafayette.

While touring the Getty house they had the opportunity to learn a bit more about what education might have been like for the children in that home during colonial times. They saw letter dice that were used to play games (much like Boggle today), puzzles, and cards. They learned how to play a new card game Kings in the Corner. This was a fun game that they have already played several times at home since we returned.  It reminded me of a cross between solitaire and Skip Bo.

In addition to the field trip my son worked on his puppet show and my daughter started doing the prep work for her basket weaving for their projects this month. We also planned out the colonial dish that we will be trying this week, stuffed pumpkin.

Next week we will spend more time in  America’s Story Volume 1 which we are using for our spine for this portion of Our Journey Through History. We also want to do another lesson in the American History Video Course from them this year to tie into our history.  If you want to learn more about their art courses check out my review.

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