Revolutionary War: Week 2

My son and his turkey at the state fair.


Sometimes your best laid plans go awry and you have to drop back and punt. This week we had many plans for history, but we also had a turkey show at the state fair which put us away from home for a couple of days and some other unexpected things that needed to happen.  This meant that to some extent history was paused for this week.

My son has a great meal planned using the “standard” rations of a Revolutionary War soldier. We had planned on doing that Thursday before we left for the turkey show, but timing did not work out. So he will be cooking that for lunch on Monday. I am uploading a great document with the typical rations for the northern campaign and the southern campaign during the Revolutionary War. This would of course have varied somewhat dependent upon where they were and what was available. In case anyone is concerned we swapped root beer for the hard cyder 🙂 (historical spelling)

I find each week homeschooling is a balance of the book work and the real life. This week real life needed more time. The kids really enjoyed the fair and showing their turkeys. My daughter who loves looms, got a chance to sit down with one of the weavers in Heritage Village at the fair and learn a few tricks of the trade. We also spoke to a basket maker and a violin maker.



Last night we watched Beyond the Mask to spend some fun family time together and learn a little bit more about the Revolutionary War. I don’t recommend this movie for small children or those that are very sensitive to violence. It is not overly graphic but does have fighting and battle type scenes. It is a mostly fictional story set during the time of the Revolutionary War. This is not the movie if you are looking for a documentary, but it is a beautiful story of the redemption of Christ in a historical setting.

We will have our meal this week as well as attend (with my husband and son helping) in a military through the ages program at the fair. This will feature some Revolutionary Soldiers as well as others up to current times.

What are you doing in history this week?

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Resource Library

Our study of Sally Clarkson’s new book The Lifegiving Table is up and running and I am so excited about this book and the message that she is sharing. We can use our tables to disciple our children and all of those that come through our homes. We can give them rest, nourishment, comfort and so much more.  I invite you to join us on this journey as we study through the book. I believe it has the power to transform families.  To learn more or to join us in this study check out this post.


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