Revolutionary War Wrap Up



There is so much to learn from the Revolutionary War and so many interesting stories to tell that I think you could spend an entire year focused on that one war. However, we wrapped up our month long study of the war last week so that we can move on to other important parts of American history.  We will continue to learn about Revolutionary history through events, books, and conversations but our focus will be turning to the new nation and how our government works.

The children enjoyed several chapters from America’s Story Volume 1 this past week. The story format keeps them begging for me to read more and I find them looking back over it during their free time.  I love that it isn’t a dry list of dates and events but a collection of stories that told about the war. Occasionally the timeline gets a little jumbled with this style, as it makes sense to cover campaigns or theaters sequentially, even if significant events were happening geographically elsewhere.

Matthew did an excellent presentation on rations from the Revolutionary War including a poster, some modern day examples, and a speech. This was a topic that I would not have thought to do too deeply into but he was so interested that he enjoyed studying about it and recreating them as best he could given modern ingredients and cooking. I expect that he will enjoy seeing how rations changes as we study other wars in our American history.

In art this week we did the Paul Revere Drawing from You Are an Artist.  This was his hat and lantern that are symbolic of his famous ride. The children enjoyed the lesson and it tied in well to Elizabeth’s presentation which was about Rachel Revere, Paul’s wife.  There are many people from this time that we hear all about and I thought it was great for Elizabeth to do a little reading and research into someone that is not as much a familiar name. While she used several different resources for her presentation the bulk of her information came from What Really Happened in Colonial Times which included a chapter on Rachel Revere.

I used If you Lived at the Time of the American Revolution for a read aloud this week. I love how this book talks about the different experiences from the perspective of Loyalists and Patriots. The book goes into multiple aspects of daily life during that time including schooling, food, clothing, etc.  It is broken into small sections so it was easy for us to read it a few minutes at a time between other tasks.


The American Revolution is probably one of our favorite times in history and we have enjoyed this month long study.  I hope that my children took away a better understanding of the courage and perseverance of them men and women who worked together for independence. Tell us in the comments what you or your children enjoyed most about this era in history?

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