A New Nation: Week 1

We started the study of the New Nation with a few videos including Schoolhouse Rocks and a couple episodes at the end of Liberty’s Kids. Liberty’s Kids was about how George Washington refused to become a king which is such an important part of how our country was created. Schoolhouse Rocks has some catchy tunes about our constitution and how a bill becomes a law which help children remember important facts about the way our government operates. We are going to review the bill of rights with next week with this free worksheet where they will illustrate each of the rights.

I read, We the People, by Lynn Cheney as one of our read alouds this week. It does a great job of going through the basic information about problems with the Articles of Confederation and the transition to the Constitution. The pictures are beautifully done and each page has a quote from someone there at the time of the writing of the Constitution.

we the people

Matthew is reading the book Six Frigates and seems to be enjoying it so far. It is a longer book and so he is reading it over the course of a couple of weeks. He decided that he wants to do a Lego replica of the battle at Ft McHenry for his project this  month. He also plans to look at the rations for the War of 1812 and cook up a meal one day in the next couple of weeks. To help him with his project we are going to spend a bit of time next week looking over the pictures and videos on the National Parks Website about Ft. McHenry.

Elizabeth is going to complete the American Heritage Girls (AHG), Our Heritage badge, for her project this month. She loves that she can combine her history with her AHG work. She will be cooking pumpkin pancakes this week from a historical receipt (the term for recipe during this time period) as well as volunteering at a school event  teaching children about games of the time period. She is also reading Little House by Boston Bay to get an idea of life during the War of 1812 from the prospective of a young girl.

If you would like to join us on this journey through US History, join our mailing list and get access to our free library. Each month I’ll post a list of resources and ideas for the time period we are going to cover the next month. You can learn more in our post Our Journey Through History.  Colonial through New Nation resources are currently posted and the Westward Expansion resources should be posted by the end of the week.

When you sign up for our free resource library you will get a link and password to the library, we are adding to the library each month with new items. You will also get a bi-weekly newsletter email to keep you up to date on what we have going on.

Resource Library

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This week ‘You Are An Artist’ is doing a fun free art lesson each day! Today they are doing this great pumpkin lesson.  Check our facebook page each day for a link to the lesson of the day.

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