Pancakes and Games or New Nation Week 2



Once again this week history proved to be quite yummy. My daughter made a pumpkin pancake recipe from this era in history. It had cornmeal and flour in them and the result had a bit more texture than what we are used to with plain flour but they were very tasty. She also got the chance to do a little grinding of corn since since we were out of cornmeal (though we cheated and used an electric mill).  We even had a great conversation about how milling would have worked during that time and the fact that grains would have typically not been as finely milled as what we are used to eating today. All in all, they were tasty and nutritious (if a bit high in sugar).

We also really enjoyed our visit with a local Christian middle school to talk about historical games. The children demonstrated ‘Graces’, ‘Hoop and Stick’, ‘Jacob’s Ladder’, ‘Cup and Ball’ and a ‘Bilbo Catcher’. This was a great experience for everyone. My children practiced their public speaking skills, showed proficiency at history by teaching it, and had the chance to dress in costume which they always enjoy. The students were able to learn about the games and  take a turn practicing with them.  These games were played for many years by children of various ages and social class. If you want to know more about some of those games check out the Youtube video on colonial games the children did last year.


We did some read alouds, including several great stories from The American Story. I think the favorite story of the week was the one in that book about the portrait of George Washington that is now on the one dollar bill. It was a funny story about how much he did not like getting his portrait made.  We did our drawings about the bill of rights to reinforce last week’s lessons.

We skipped doing our history art lessons this week in favor of doing the free Thanksgiving lessons being offered by We really loved the Cranberry Thanksgiving ones because it is our family’s favorite Thanksgiving book. I read the book aloud this week and then the kids have been taking turns reading it on their own and reading it to the three year old. Since I was able to get fresh cranberries today at the store we are planning on making the recipe for cranberry bread that is in the book for breakfast one day this week.


We will have a shortened school week due to Thanksgiving but we plan on focusing on Native Americans. We are going to watch some of the live stream from our North Carolina History Museum of their Native American program from Friday. We are going to enjoy a Native American meal, do an art lesson, and enjoy some reading about various Native American tribes and traditions.

Make sure you check out our recent posts about Clutter Free Christmas and Homeschool in December. If you plan on doing any homeschool or children’s shopping stay tuned for our post on Wednesday all about great deals during this holiday weekend.  We pray you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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