Wrapping up a New Nation

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’m a little behind on updating you with what we have been doing in history because we spent some time focusing on Thanksgiving and family. It was a wonderful chance to recharge and focus on what was important but I did get behind in my writing.


We spent some time studying Native Americans and had the chance to watch this great video of Native American dances that was done by our state history museum. (The video is several hours long but it is the same information presented multiple times so you only need about 20-30 minutes to watch it). Navajo (or Apache) Fry bread is one of my favorite recipes. When I spent some time helping with a vacation Bible school on an Apache reservation it was a nightly treat. It can be eaten with powdered sugar or honey as a dessert or with beans or hamburgers as a ‘taco’.  We always enjoy the chance to make this when our studies involve Native American cultures.

The students each read a book about Sacagawea in addition to our discussions about Lewis and Clark and their travels. We also found this great movie series that is free with Amazon Prime.  American History for Kids has multiple short episodes (about 15 minutes) on various American history topics. We only watched the Lewis and Clark episode but I’m planning to use several other episodes as the year progresses.

The children finished their history projects for the month. Elizabeth earned her ‘Our Heritage’ badge from American Heritage Girls. Matthew completed his Lego model of the Battle of Fort McHenry. He was able to explain why he put the pieces the way he did and what happened that night.


We are starting this week off with the Oregon Trail. I’m going to be reading from the book, How I Survived the Oregon Trail and the children are going to get a chance to play the old computer game Oregon Trail. This is a free internet streaming version of the game that I played on a computer in the computer lab at my elementary school. I know I might be showing my age but a few of you may also remember that game from years ago.

What did you do in history last month? Let me know if the comments.

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