Callie’s Contest of Courage

I had the opportunity to read and review this wonderful novel by Jan May. Callie’s Contest of Courage is an excellent book geared towards upper elementary aged girls. While I absolutely love reading, life with three children (and a fourth on the way), home school, home business, and other obligations means that it often takes me awhile to get through a book. This book was so good that I had finished it the day after I received it. Once I was finished, I passed it onto my daughter to get her thoughts. She reads well but is not always an avid reader. However, she also had it finished in just a day and was asking about a sequel.



Eleven-year-old Callie Fleming is a passionate animal lover! She’s been waiting all year to enter photos in the I Love Nature Photo Contest. Her dad, who is the coolest dad in the world, is an award winning photographer and Marine Corps Reserves Sergeant. She is leaning on his help to win. But when her father is untimely deployed overseas and becomes strangely silent to her emails, she finds her whole world crashing down on her. Can she muster up the faith and courage to step out on a journey that whisks her away from all the things she loves? Join Callie on a journey of hope, trust and the power of prayer!

While reading this book I felt a range of emotions, I laughed with Callie and I cried with Callie. The author was great about making you really connect to the characters and the stories. In looking at the description and thinking about my children I was a little concerned about her describing her brother as annoying. However, once I read the book I was so glad that my daughter was going to read it. The book showed how she learned to respond to her brother in a way that was pleasing to God. As many siblings do, mine often struggle with their attitudes towards each other. I loved this Godly example of what to do even when she was frustrated or ‘annoyed’ with her brother. My daughter was so excited about the book that my son has asked to read it next.

We also really appreciated the fact that she was from a military family. While we are not military, many of our friends are military. In addition to showing how she coped with a deployment and other issues there are some great resources in the back of the book for supporting our troops overseas.

We read this book as a ‘just for fun’ book, but there is also a great literature guide that was written to accompany the book. With this literature guide you could easily use this as a novel study or complete unit study in your home school. There are worksheets and activities to go with each chapter.  The guide covers a variety of different subjects including geography, science/nature study, reading, vocabulary, and even has some fun recipes. This would also make for a great book study for a small group or co-op class.

“It is really good. It was happy and sad and had God in the book. I really liked it. I wish there was a sequel.” Elizabeth (my 9 year old)

We are looking forward to checking out all of the other books at New Millennium Girls Books by Jan May.  While there is not a sequel to Callie at this time, the Isabel books look like they will be a great as well.

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