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When I started reviewing  and their Yearly Membership one of the areas that I was most interested in was the Preschool Playground. I’m a firm believer that most of a young child’s learning is done through play. However, as a busy homeschooling mom of three (soon to be 4) children and a small business owner, I also know that I need a little help in being intentional about providing opportunities and constructive play. My three-year-old also thinks that he should do everything the older two children do and that includes ‘doing school’. I love how there are so many different resources available to meet a variety of needs.

Sensory Science

The course we plan to start implementing next week is a course called Small-World Sensory Science. This course is twelve lessons (we will work on one lesson per week) on various science topics including oceans, sorting, gardening, and more.  Each lesson includes an introduction or activity that you can lead with your child, and then sensory activities that they can engage in throughout the week.

This gentle laid back but engaging approach is perfect for the season that we are in as a family. I can easily set up the week in just a few minutes using mostly materials we already have available. It took me about 5 minutes to get together everything I needed to be ready to start next week and it was all materials we already had on hand around the house.

He loved helping me get his stuff ready for school next week. It all fits nicely into his tub.

Charlotte Mason Preschool

I’m also very interested in the Charlotte Mason Preschool class. I love the way it is broken down into various topics. This will allow me to pick and choose what I want to use as we are dealing with those topics in life and with my older children’s nature study.

I’m particularly interested in using the Snow and Ice unit if we happen to get some winter weather this year. Living in Eastern North Carolina, some years we get snow and ice, and some years we do not.

Middle Grades Resources

I also have a middle schooler that has been working more and more on independent research. It can be so hard to find safe and appropriate resources for him. I love the subscription to World Book that comes with the Schoolhouse Teachers Annual Subscription.

It also includes some really nice timelines that are pre-done as well as the chance for them to build their own timelines. I am hoping this will really help us as we work our way through history.

Video Library

Another resource that I’m very excited about it the video library. There are some great videos for any subject. The two series I’m most excited about are the Drive Thru History videos and the Torchlighter videos. We have seen some of the Torchlighter videos which feature various missionaries and the children love them and are looking forward to watching more of them.

There are so many options available and I love that we can try something and if it is not working for our family, I can simply stop and switch to a different class or I can pick and choose lessons to supplement some of the work that we are already doing. I also love that they have options available from preschool all the way through high school. Right now I have a middle school student, an elementary student, and a preschooler with a baby due in February. This means that in a couple of years I will have a child in every area and it’s so nice to have the flexibility of finding courses for each one in the same program and for one low annual cost.

**Update for 2019**

We are still loving using the classes at Schoolhouse Teachers. My son is now also using one of the 7th-grade literature programs and it is working so well for our family that my daughter is planning on switching to a similar course next year. Having so many courses available to us allows us to change things up as needed without any wasted money.

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