Brother Against Brother: Timelines

I was reminded this week of one of many reasons why we focus on a general chronological timeline rather than a lot of specific dates as we study history. The children were working together on this Civil War timeline. They enjoyed most of the activity but found there were having difficulty with several answers. Once they had exhausted their resources I stepped in to see if I could help them solve the problem. I realized that the events they were having difficulty with were listed on different resources as different days. In the grand scheme of things whether it happened on March 9th or March 10th really doesn’t make much difference but it was making it hard for them to complete the assignment.  Overall, it was a great assignment and I was pleasantly surprised at how well they worked together. It was a great way for them to get a better understanding of the overall timeline of the war.


I had planned to then let them go a little more in-depth on an area of their choice but we had some snow that derailed our plans a bit so we will finish that up next week.  They will be using the books we have on hand as well as resources in World Book Online which we have as part of our Schoolhouse Teachers subscription to research and present on their chosen topic. They have been listening to and enjoying With Lee In Virginia by GA Henty this week as well. Matthew started his research on Civil War rations and we have put that meal on the menu for next week.

In addition to their independent projects and our Civil War rations, we plan to study the Underground Railroad this week. This ties in well with Elizabeth’s monthly project which is to complete her Freedom Seekers badge for American Heritage Girls. I plan on previewing some of the short videos that are offered as a part of Amazon Prime and choosing one that would be appropriate for my children as a part of this study in addition to reading a few books and selections about the Underground Railroad. The first book that we will read to introduce the topic is, If You Traveled On the Underground Railroad. This is a great book to read aloud and answer basic questions about the Underground Railroad.

Don’t forget to tell us in the comments what you are studying this week!


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