How We Do Valentine’s Day

Every family has a different take on Valentine’s Day. In our house, we really enjoy the holiday but our focus is on loving others in a Godly way and less about romantic love (though I still appreciate chocolate). We have lots of fun and enjoy each other while trying to find ways to be a blessing to others.

Our Valentine’s Story

Several years ago, things were busy and it was a difficult week but I wanted to do something fun to celebrate the day. Spur of the moment, I bundled up the children and drove to the grocery store. We bought ice cream, fruit, and all the fixins’ for ice cream sundaes. Much to the surprise and delight of the children, that was our lunch.

While certainly not the nutritious meal that we strive for most days it was fun and memorable. So memorable, that as Valentine’s Day approached the next year the children began talking about our ‘tradition’ of having ice cream sundaes for lunch. So each year we have ice cream sundaes for a meal on Valentine’s Day.

Our Ice Cream Sundaes

Serving Others at Valentine’s Day

We try to remember those people in our lives that might find Valentine’s Day to be a sad time or be struggling and think of ways we can lift them up. We mail cards to widows that are missing their spouses, we have delivered goodies to neighbors, and made or bought little treats to give out to those we encounter that might need a smile.

It is amazing the difference a small piece of candy given by a child can make in someone’s day.  The Bible is clear that we are to love and serve others and we find this to be a good time to remember and focus on showing His love.

Focus on Biblical Love for Valentine’s Day

There are many verses in the Bible about love and we try to focus on some of those throughout the month to help us learn more about what love should look like. We place them throughout our home as reminders, read some at the table and in our devotionals, and often use coloring pages and cards with verses on them as we share that love with others.


Last year I found a great idea of putting up a heart with a nice comment for each child each morning ( I also did this for my husband.). I started on February 1st and went through the 14th. The children were surprised at first but then started looking for them each morning.

This was a great way for me to focus on all of the things I love about my children. I found it easiest to have them all ready before February 1st so that I didn’t have to worry as much about a busy day derailing my best intentions.

Other Valentine’s Day Foods

Another simple idea that we often use is having a heart shaped meal that day. That might be pancakes or biscuits in the shape of hearts for breakfast or heart shaped pizza for dinner.

This H is for Heart breakfast looks like it would be tasty and fun as well. These are fun for the children and great conversation starters about our hearts and how we should love God and others.


There are also many resources available for reading, science, math and other subjects to help make school more thematic if you choose. For my older children this year we will mostly continue with our normal curriculum while adding in a few fun Valentine’s activities.

We will also enjoy reading Cranberry Valentine while eating a bit of the Cranberry Upside Down Cake that is featured in the back of the book. My youngest will enjoy some of the coloring sheets and probably the playdoh idea below. In other years, we have followed the theme more comprehensively.

I hope that you find the books and resources below to be useful as you plan no matter whether you plan to just add in a few activities or do a more thorough thematic approach.

Homeschool Valentine’s Day Resources and Ideas:

Valentine’s Day Books:

Cranberry Valentine ( This one is new to us this year and the children love it, just as they do the others in the series. Even my oldest likes to hear me read aloud the Cranberry stories.)

Happy Valentines Day Mouse

My Fuzzy Valentine (Seasame Street)

Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart

Happy Valentines Day Curious George (We don’t’ have this one yet but my 3 year old loves every Curious George book we find. )

Corduroy’s Valentine’s Day ( I read this one so many times last year I had it memorized. )

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Rose!

Valentine Hearts Holiday Poetry

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Resource Library

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20 thoughts on “How We Do Valentine’s Day

  1. What fantastic ideas! Ice cream sundaes for lunch sounds like an amazing tradition. I love that you reach out to so many people to make their Valentine’s Day special as well.


  2. I love the idea of sending cards to those who definitely may need it during the season. What a beautiful thing for you and your family to do. I bet this really lifts their spirit! We do something like this during the Christmas season, too.


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