2018 Book List: January Update

I set a goal of reading twelve books this year for myself. This does not include books we read as a family, books I am previewing for the children, or reading curriculum aloud each day during school time. It may not sound like many but I’ve found that in this current busy stage of life I have to be very intentional about making time to read. I also wanted to make sure that I was reading a comfortable variety of books. I have included several fiction books, parenting books, Christian living books, and home schooling books.

I shared the first six of my twelve choices in My 2018 Book List. So far I think I’m doing well at working towards my goal. I have completed reading Heroes Next Door. Since my husband wrote it, I am probably biased but I really enjoyed it and felt like it met a need that we have seen in historical fiction. This book is historical fiction about the Vietnam War as told from the perspective of two home schooled children and their neighbor who is a Vietnam Veteran. Many other books we found on Vietnam included a significant amount of language and content that we felt was inappropriate for our young children. My daughter currently has my copy of the book and is really enjoying it. It is in the final process at the publisher and should be released to the public sometime next month.


Next I read Finding Selah. This book is very different from the first book but has been a good read. It focusing on finding rest in your life and tells of the author’s journey towards finding rest and peace in the midst of her everyday life. She also discusses the pain and trials of miscarriage and the joy over the birth of her son after several miscarriages. I know that this is a sensitive subject for many readers, for some it may really resonate and be healing but for others it may make for a difficult read. Where I didn’t want to put the first book down, this book was one I felt best read one chapter at a time. It required more thinking and reflection on how I could apply those principals to my life.

My next book isn’t in my original six but I’m excited about reading it.  My pastor has decided to use the book, Eat with Sinners: Loving Like Jesus as a jumping off point for his current sermon series. I plan to read this book this month to go along with our series. I’m excited about this book and how it can hopefully impact myself, my family, and our church to reach more people with the love of Jesus. I’ll share more about this book as I get time to read it and go through the series but I’d love to have you join us in this study.

I have also decided that I need to read or finish reading a few books that I purchased and never read as I fill out my list of twelve. Am I the only one that has one of those stacks?  I bought it, life got busy, and I completely forgot about it. In This House We Will Giggle by Courtney DeFeo.  This book is written with the plan of reading one section each month. However, I know that for me that increases the likelihood that I’ll get sidetracked. Therefore, I’m planning to post each month about that month’s virtue and ideas on the blog. Hopefully the accountability will keep me on track and it can be a blessing to all of us.

I would love to know what you are reading or have recently read that you really enjoyed. Please, share a book suggestion in comments.

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