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I am so excited to be able to share with you our review a one year subscription of The Starfall Home Membership  by Starfall Education Foundation.  Years ago I used the basic version of Starfall with students when I was teaching in the public schools. I enjoyed the program and used it some when my oldest two children (now 11 and 10) were younger. However, at that time they did not have the subscription program available and I had not used the program since they were younger. During that time it was almost exclusively phonics and early reading. I was excited to see that it has been expanded to a variety of early skills including math up through second grade.

Registration was quick and easy and then I was able to download the app onto our Kindle device. While my three year old does not have his own Kindle he enjoys getting to occasionally use his sister’s Kindle. Once it was downloaded I pulled it up and let him choose which activity he wanted to try. He is enjoying colors at the moment so he chose the Colors! activity. After spending just a few minutes doing the activity with me, he understood what he needed to do and how to navigate with-in the program. The program can also be accessed from a computer if that is your preferred method. We have found that the kindle is easier for our family but the program works well on either device.

starfall colors

When you go to the website you will see that some activities are still available for free. This is a good way for you to get an idea of how your child would enjoy the variety of activities that are available with the subscription. However, the subscription has many more activities and a larger variety so the free activities are not a substitute for the home membership.


Some days my son would play on his own exploring the ones that looked most fun. His favorite was the colors activities. Some days one of my older children or I would work with him and encourage him to try activities that were different or slightly more challenging. My daughter enjoyed showing him the various holiday activities and the talking books. We were able to incorporate the Groundhog Day activity into our other fun activities on that day and the Valentine’s one for Valentine’s Day.

starfall valentine

There are some great activities to introduce phonics and reading as well as sections for math. While my son is not yet ready for the first and second grade math, I took some time to try them out myself to get an idea of how they worked and how we might be able to use them as he gets older. I liked that they were simple to understand but varied enough to hold the interest of a young child. They had activities from a variety of math strands including arithmetic, geometry, measurement, and place value.

While this program is not a full curriculum that will teach your child everything they need to know, it is a great resource. It can introduce or reinforce many phonic and math concepts for preschool through early elementary age children. We limit screen time in our home but have found this program to be a good use of screen time that is both fun and educational. It is also very reasonably priced with the The Starfall Home Membership being only $35 per year.  If you have any questions about the program feel free to ask in the comments.

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