Zirrly Super Beads: A Low Mess, Low Stress Craft Review!


A fun craft that my ten year old can do independently and the three year old can do with a little help from the ten year old that also doesn’t leave my house full of glitter or paint? Sign me up! I recently had the opportunity to review Zirrly Super Beads and I was impressed. This was my first experience with Zirrly and I discovered that they have lots of different craft and art products. They came at a great time because we had just had our fourth child and I needed a few activities to keep the older children busy while I was focused on the baby. We have done other bead kits that required ironing but these attach with only water. We received the Super Beads Bird Set.

I had my ten year old daughter try it out first. I read over the directions with her but she was able to complete the first project without any additional assistance from me.  Once she had gotten the hang of it with that first set, I had her help her three (almost four) year old brother with the second bird. He needed help getting it set up and staying on task but he was able to do most of the work himself. It was a great way for him to work on his fine motor skills and have fun with his sister.  They completed the third bird in the kit together as well.



The process is very simple, you put your template under the plastic grid that is sent with the kit and then place the beads on top based on the colored template. Once the beads are in place you mist them with water, using the spray bottle included in the kit. Wait at least an hour and then you can carefully remove your object from the board and you have your finished product. The instructions said that if it broke you could fix it by placing it back and respraying it. My daughter wanted to be sure that was true, so she took the extra beads and made a random shape. She let it dry, removed it and promptly broke it apart. She then placed it back and resprayed it. Just as they had stated it went back together with no problems.



One tip we found to keep things together and make it a little easier was to put the beads you are working with into a small bowl or muffin tin. This kept them from rolling onto the floor and made it easier for little fingers to grasp them.


Super Beads Bird Set

The beads are small so I would not recommend trying to use it with a small child that still puts things in their mouths, but otherwise it is a great project for many ages. It is an independent project for most children that can read the instructions and a great family project for preschoolers. In addition to the Super Beads Bird Set they have several other sets including a 3D Jungle Animals set and a 3D Car and Truck Set. Don’t forget to click below to check out all of the other reviews of the various sets.


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