World War II and the Korean War



As I sat down to find resources and determine how we would study these wars I found so much on World War II that I could not include it all. World War II had a profound effect on the United States. While we focus on the United States and American history we will certainly read and cover things that were happening in Europe and the Pacific because it is all so closely related. I have included a good overview of the history of that time with the resource list that is posted in our free resource library.

We are going to start our study of World War II talking about how things changed here in the United States. We are going to plan and plant a Victory Garden, use ration books, and create some dishes that would have been popular during rationing, fortunately not German sawdust bread. I have found several great resources on Victory Gardens and I’ll share those next week along with our plans and progress. If you are wanting to get started with a garden you can visit your local farm and garden store or check out this seed kit or this organic kit that you can order online. If you do not live in an area where you can grow a full garden, something like this self-watering tomato plant that grows in a jar or even these edible flowers are a great way for your kids to still get an understanding in a hands-on way.  You could also complete a lapbooking/ notebooking project focused on life on the homefront.

Then we are going to study the war itself, the causes, the battles, and the aftermath over the course of the next two weeks. We have The Usborne Introduction to the Second World War book to help guide us through that process. It is a great book with lots of solid information and pictures to help them understand. I am also considering this great file folder game from Home School in the Woods.   We will also listen to The Hiding Place or C.S. Lewis at War by Focus on the Family, both if time allows.  We will finish up our month with a study of the Korean War. There are not as many readily available resources for children studying the Korean War but we found several good websites that will help us facilitate discussions about the Korean War.

We are looking forward to two field trips this month in our study of World War II. We hope to go visit the USS North Carolina Battleship as well as the North Carolina Museum of History. Both of these are places we have been before but it has been several years since we had the opportunity to visit the Battleship.

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