Homeschool Organization: A Work in Progress

Organizing my homeschool is a constant work in progress. As life changes (adding a new baby, changing curriculum, changing schedules, etc) our systems need to bend and change. I am certainly no expert and I’m still learning what works best for our family even after almost six years of homeschool. However, I have found a few tricks that work well for us.

One idea that has made a big difference for us is giving each child a book bag. We have a ‘schoolroom’ that we often use for our schoolwork. However, when we are doing school outside, on the road, or in the kitchen books and papers tend to get strewn around and lost. Having a book bag for those items to be stored in when we are not using our normal room has helped tremendously.

Our schoolroom before we finished setting it up!

Another big help for us in organizing was to sort our huge collection of books by general subject (history, religion, science, chapter books, etc). This helps us to find the books we need a bit easier. We are also using the free Libib App to catalogue our books, so that I don’t buy duplicates. We are still working on book organization but this has certainly made things easier and I think once we get all of the books catalogued it will be a very workable system.

The other major change that we made that was beneficial is giving the preschooler his own little corner of the room. He has shelves which house the special toys and items that he can play with during school time in boxes. Each box has several different activities and he is only allowed to take out one box at a time. This helps keep the mess from becoming overwhelming but still gives him activities to occupy him when I need to be working with the other children. Since we have a new baby joining us in the school room and because we seem to get less organized as the year goes on, I am hoping to revamp and reorganize the room over the summer. I’m hoping to use the book ” Organize Your Homeschool in 20 (ish) Days” which I found in the Ultimate Homemakers Bundle that was on sale last week. You can find the ebook on sale here.

What areas of homeschool organization do you struggle with? I’d also love to hear your favorite organization tips and tricks. Share with us in the comments what works well for you so that we can all learn from each other.

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