Help Teaching Pro Subscription Review


When I agreed to review the one year subscription to Help Teaching Pro by I was expecting to use it with my older two children (ages 10 and 11). However, as we got into the review I found that it also had some great printables for my younger son who turned four during the review period.


For my four year old, I printed off lots of worksheets. He loves to ‘do school’ when my older children are doing school and while we do lots of hands on activities he likes to have a few worksheets that he can complete.  There were some wonderful worksheets for working on various preschool concepts. We focused mainly on the numbers and shapes worksheets with him because that is something he enjoys learning more about and had recently been working on. They were short and simple which I think is important when you are dealing with preschoolers and he enjoyed completing them. As I look at planning for next year I intend to continue to use these types of worksheets to supplement our hands on activities.


The older children were more interested in the lessons that are offered as a part of this subscription. There are lessons on a wide variety of topics and subjects but we chose to focus mainly on the various prefix and suffix lessons. These were short video lessons with a quiz that could be taken after the lesson. We worked through them together and the children seemed to enjoy them.

We are also using some of the ready to use math worksheets for review of concepts that they were struggling with this year in math as we prepare for our end of year testing. I have found that printing the worksheets and having the children complete them is best for my students, but they do have the option of online completion which may be a great tool for other families. With that option you can schedule it for a certain day and time and make it timed or untimed.

There are lessons for math, English language arts, science, and social studies. In addition to those categories, the printable worksheets also include seasonal activities, art, music, physical education/health, and vocational education, There are even sections of graphic organizers and study skills.

They have a test maker option that I think could be a great time saver if you are creating tests. You can either use questions from their test bank based on grade level, subject, and topic or you can add your own questions. There is also a worksheet component to this feature that allows you to create math worksheets and games. In the games section you could make a word search using whatever selection of words you want to use. This is a great review for spelling or vocabulary words.

I think there is a wealth of information and resources in this subscription. I do wish that the lesson options were a bit more comprehensive as I think some subjects and ages are covered much better than others. However, there are many great printable worksheets and you can even generate your own tests and worksheets. For most families this is not going to be a complete curriculum but a great supplement. I think Help Teaching Pro would be most helpful to families that were looking for more practice or review or those looking for resources in creating their own lessons.



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