Where Oh Where Do We Read?

When I was growing up I loved to read and read every chance I had. In the car, on the boat, or at my desk at school my nose was in a book. These days my preferred reading locations are in the swing on my front porch or a chair at the beach (I said favorite not most frequent). Sometimes we forget that if we as adults would rather read somewhere comfortable and happy our children probably would too. I think it is important, especially with those that do not love reading yet, not to make reading something you only do at a desk during ‘school’, we need to ignite the flame of reading passion!

Start those fond thoughts of reading by doing fun family read alouds in a comfortable place at home. My littles like to be in my lap in the recliner, while my bigger children gather on the couch to hear me read. This helps them see reading in a positive light as a fun activity, not just boring schoolwork.

We also love to read outside. Sometimes I read aloud and sometimes it is the older children reading to themselves. During these beautiful spring days, we like to take a large blanket or tablecloth and spread it in the grass so they can lay down and read while getting a bit of sunshine and fresh air. A tablecloth may seem like an odd choice but I find they are often easier to clean than the blankets if the grass gets stuck to them. Sometimes, they use our front porch or string their hammocks from the playset out back.


We have the benefit of taking a lot of day trips as we travel with my husband on business. This means we get to see a lot of great places but it also means we sometimes spend a lot of time in the car. Reading in the car is a great way to pass the time and get in more reading. Even my four year old brings books to look at the pictures while we ride.

When we are reading during our ‘school time’ and I need the children to stay with me and not spread out into other locations they have comfortable places with-in our school room. They have large pillows or bean bags that they can sit in and for Christmas they received these hanging pod chairs that they can use in their rooms or in our school room. They love being able to just relax and read. One of my favorite parts of our school room is the window seat that my husband built for me to be able to sit and read to our children. It might be a bit silly but I had always wanted a window seat where I could curl up and read.

There are many other places to read. The important thing is to remember that reading does not have to happen in a desk or in isolation. By reading in comfortable places and various times we start to help our children realize that reading is a pleasurable adventure and not just ‘boring schoolwork’. I know that most of my fond memories of reading did not occur sitting at a desk. I encourage you to get out a good book, or your tablet and read! Try a new place, a new time, or maybe a new genre.

Tell us in the comments where you like to read!

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4 thoughts on “Where Oh Where Do We Read?

  1. Makes me want to throw out a Dr. Seuss rhyme somehow. 🙂 Reading happens everywhere around here – hammock, car, bed, under the bed, sitting by a wall, at a table, on the couch, hanging off the couch – you name it someone has probably read in that place or position! – Lori


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