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In case you are new here, my name is Dawn and I’m a ‘bookaholic’.  We love books and I jump at the chance to review them, especially from an author like Kayla Jarmon that is new to me. I had the opportunity to review A Boy and His Dog, Don’t Forget Me , and Dying Is Part of This World. The first two I did with my children and the third one I read myself and will share with my children at a later time.

A Boy and His Dog Cover-01

A Boy and His Dog was a fun read that I read with my four year old and had my older children read on their own.  This book features short sentences and cute pictures. It details a day in the life of a young boy and his dog. Each page has only a few sentences and is short enough to keep the attention of young children and great for new readers. My oldest felt that it was too ‘simple’ for him but both my four year old and 10 year old enjoyed the book. I would recommend it for the preschool/early elementary ages.

Don't Forget Me Cover-01

Don’t Forget Me is a cute but meaningful story about a baby growing in its mother’s womb. The story is told as an imagined conversation between the unborn child and God. The illustrations show the baby growing in the mother’s uterus as well as the mother and father.  It does show the birth of the baby but in a very tasteful and modest way.  We have a two month old baby in our house, so this one was a big hit with my children. I would have loved to have had it to read prior to the baby being born but they enjoyed it afterwards.  This book included scripture references at the end. This book does not go into any of the biology of conception or birth but rather focuses on the Creator and the relationship between God and ourselves (particularly the unborn child). It is a great book to read with siblings expecting a new baby or to help children understand that they are created by God for relationship with him. In my opinion, this book is great for elementary ages. Preschool ages may also enjoy it but will probably need some discussion to help with understanding.

Dying is Part of This World Cover-01

Dying Is Part of This World tackles the difficult topic of death in a way that is meaningful and appropriate for children. I chose to read this one myself at this time and not with my children since they are not currently asking questions about this topic. I plan to use it with them when they are asking questions or if I feel like there is a personal need in our family. To me it was a well written and appropriate book to help facilitate a difficult conversation but not a book that you would read just for enjoyment. This book is longer and includes seven short chapters. Each chapter includes scripture references and discussion questions to help you use it to facilitate discussions with your children about the topic of death and the fear of dying. This book could be used with a wide range of children as a family or one on one discussion starter.

These were interesting books from an author that was new to me. I recommend checking them out. She also has an audio version that will be coming out soon if you are like me and enjoy using audio to facilitate read alouds. Which book by Kayla Jarmon most interests you?


Discussion Book Series and A Boy and His Dog by Kayla Jarmon

Discussion Book Series and A Boy and His Dog {Kayla Jarmon Reviews}

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