Read-Aloud Family Book Study: Chapter 1

read aloud family

For years I have known that reading aloud was important to children of all ages, but it is so easy to let it get pushed to the side as our children get older. I read often to my young children and continue to read to them as they grow but lately I had found that more and more that time was pushed back to make room for all of the other things that seemed to be more important. When I saw that Sarah Mackenzie was releasing a book, The Read-Aloud Family about reading aloud I knew that I had to read it. She does a podcast that we already enjoyed and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her new book.

It is my personal goal to allow this book and study to re-energize my read aloud efforts and give me new and fresh ideas for creating that family culture of reading. Last month as I looked at ways to encourage a love for reading we talked about Reading With Your Ears and using audio books. I want to continue using audio books but also increase the amount of time that I am actually reading with my children.

My plan for this study is to go through the first 11 chapters of the book at a pace of one per week. Each week I’ll share my thoughts as a blog post as well as questions and discussions in our Facebook group.  Chapters 12 through 15 we will look at as a group since they are suggestions on books for various ages.

“I want to make sure you know what this book is really about: it is about you and me going all-in for our kids.”

The quote above is one of my favorite from chapter one. I want to go all-in for my children. The great thing is that reading aloud is so powerful and yet honestly so simple. It doesn’t require lots of time or expensive equipment. Aside from the ability to read (or use a CD player) it does not require a specialized skill. Simply choose a book and spend a few minutes each day (or most days) reading it aloud to your children. If you need some book suggestions to get started check out A Few Favorite Books. This chapter really lays out how reading aloud can change you and your family. “As I lay huddled under the covers that night, it seemed to me that Jim Trelease was saying that reading aloud had the power to change the world. What I never could have predicted was how it was about to transform mine.” I pray that this book and study will transform all of our worlds.

If you are just learning about this study or still thinking about joining us it is not too late.  You can purchase the book (or audio) and jump right in.  You can simply follow along here or join us for fun discussions in the Facebook group.

PS. I won’t spoil it for you in case you have not read the chapter yet but the story of how she started her podcast was both inspiring and hilarious. It reminded me that I just need to stop thinking about and dreaming about things and just do them.

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