Summer Bucket List! (Free Printable)

Is anyone else ready for summer? I am longing for some calm easy summer days! Because of some time off for the new baby and a trip to Pennsylvania in April we still have about a month left of school but I’m not going to let that stop the fun. We are going to enjoy a few of our favorite summer activities in the afternoons when they finish up schoolwork. I thought I’d briefly share a few of our favorite summer time ideas in case you need a little inspiration.


Homemade popsicles are a favorite in our house. I love them because they are a simple healthy treat and the children love them because they are yummy and fun.  You simply take a couple of cups of your favorite seasonal fruit and add in either a quarter cup of juice or water and blend until smooth. Then pour the mixture into popsicle molds or you can use small cups with plastic spoons for the sticks but we prefer the reusable molds. Our favorite is strawberries but we also blueberries and peaches.

Water fights are fun ways to cool off on those hot days. Many people like to use water balloons but we do not like the mess that comes with water balloons when they break all over the grass. Instead we use soakers, sponge balls, and other similar reusable toys. For around $10-$15 our family can have days of summer water fun.

For the younger children that want to play in the water, we love making water walls with recycled materials. Obviously anytime you have young children around water you need to watch them diligently but this is a fun easy way for them to join in the fun. Simply take cartons, bottles, cups that you are done using and cut holes in the bottom. Then place them all on a piece of wood or lattice with staples or nails, so that you can pour water through the top one and have it splash down into the next one and so forth. Put a shallow bin at the bottom to collect the water and they can keep doing it over and over again. Happy Hooligans has a great tutorial on this is you want more information. If this idea sounds great but you aren’t the DIY type you can purchase a Waterfall Discovery Wall.


Finally, when the kids are worn out from all the water play they can relax in their hammocks with a good book. We read a variety of books throughout the year but summer is a great time for those fun reads that draw you in and help you get lost in the story. We will read many books over the summer but our current stack includes Ember Rising, White Doe in the Mist, and the third book from the Mr. Lemoncello’s Library series. If you haven’t already read it, I also recommend our new book Heroes Next Door. For my personal reading I intend to read more of the Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter.

What are your favorite summer fun ideas? Please share your ideas in the comments and check out our new summer bucket list in the resource library. It is a great list of easy summer ideas!

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