Creating a Book Club Culture (Read Aloud Family)

“Home is the only place where our children have a fighting chance of falling in love with books. “

When our children are small, it is so easy to read to them for their enjoyment. We sit down and we read picture books with them and point out all of the animals or trains. Sometimes reading the same books over and over again at their request. I loved watching their eyes light up when they brought me a book to read.

As children get older and start formal schooling (be that at home or in a public/private school building) reading tends to become less about pleasure and more about work. It is so easy during this time for children to lose that love of books. Don’t get me wrong it is important that children learn to read and I think it’s ok to sometimes specify what book they need to read. However, I think and this chapter affirms that it is so important that they be able to just sit back and relax with fun books that they choose.


Sometimes it is easy to fall into the mindset that they need to be focusing their time on challenging books or nonfiction books that correlate with our studies. There is nothing wrong with those types of books but we don’t need to forget that they need the chance to read what they enjoy if we truly want them to love reading. For my daughter that meant sticking with shorter chapter books long after I thought she should be reading more challenging material. For my son, that means reading the Little House on the Prairie series more times than I care to count. At times it was frustrating but now they both love reading.

I told the ladies in my book study that this might be my favorite chapter because it combined brownies with books! I love how she talks about making those memories and making books fun. Howe much fun is it to sit around the table with tea and cookies while reading or to curl up on the couch with brownies and milk. We even sit on our front porch with lemonade and snacks to read a good book. This helps foster a love of learning and make memories that will last a life time.

What is your favorite suggestion for making your home a book club culture?

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5 thoughts on “Creating a Book Club Culture (Read Aloud Family)

  1. So now I know I am jumping into the middle of a series of posts here, but I am lost — what is the title of the book you are working through here? And the Author? And the title of the chapter?

    In my house creating readers involved letting the older two read extensively a series called The Animorphs, and later letting the read the Harry Potter books. (I never dreamed I would let them, but my non-reader child jumped practically from “Hop on Pop” to reading 900-page chapter books, so I permitted it.) For child #3 there was a lot of “Hank the Cowdog” followed by the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.


    1. Sorry for any confusion. The title of the book is Read Aloud Family and the title of the chapter was Creating a Book Club Culture.

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