Northwest Treasures Dinosaurs and the Bible (review)

Take the Mystery out of Geology Online Course

I think most kids like dinosaurs, I mean, what’s not to like. Larger than a tractor trailer, small brain, constant teething trouble; I think kids relate to T-rex, I mean, they’re basically the same. So when we got the opportunity to review  these online classes by Northwest Treasures  I leapt at it!

We first watched Taking the Mystery out of Geology which is a twenty minute introductory course. This course focuses on the vocabulary of geology and gives valuable background and vocabulary that are used later in the other studies. The classes were done in a lecture/ slide format using Vimeo. There was a lot of good information but it was somewhat dense and dry., rather in the format of a college lecture. Honestly, after watching it I was concerned that my children were not going to enjoy the Dinosaurs and the Bible class that we were primarily reviewing. However, once we got into the Dinosaurs and the Bible lessons they found the content much more engaging.

Dinosaurs and the Bible Online Course

The Dinosaurs and the Bible class included the following six lessons:

  • How We Got Our Modern View of Dinosaurs
  • The Classification of Dinosaurs
  • The Great Dinosaur Rush
  • The Extinction of Dinosaurs
  • Dinosaurs and the Ice Age
  • Fossils, Age and Soft Tissue

Each lesson included at 15-20 minute video (lecture/slide format) with worksheets and discussion questions available at the end. In our family we chose to watch each lesson together and then use the worksheets to guide our discussions rather than have the students complete them independently. We were using this as a family summer enrichment type activity and felt the less formal approach would be a better fit. However, if you were using these as a science class particularly with older students you could have them complete the worksheets independently to check for understanding and comprehension.

The class is geared towards grades 5- adult. I personally think that most students in the lower end of that age range will need some adult assistance in fully understanding this information. There is a lot of geology and science history in the course that may be a bit dense for the younger students. They will gain a lot from the course but may need some adult assistance in understanding everything that is being presented.

If you are looking for geology from a Christian Creationist viewpoint Northwest Treasures has some great options. In addition to the online classes like I reviewed above they have some kits and physical courses available. If you have younger children you may want to check out their Geology for “Little Eyes” which is designed for children in grades Pre-K through 3rd.  If you have a high school student that needs a full Earth Science course you might consider checking out Northwest Treasures Curriculum Project which is a series of four studies. Each of those studies is a stand alone semester course for high school level students.

If those programs are not hands on enough for your tastes they also offer geology field trips. I think it would be amazing to be able to go to Yellowstone National Park for a guided tour focused on Young Earth Creation and geology. That would be an experience of a lifetime.

Northwest Treasures offers a wide variety of resources for all ages including online courses, fossil collections, physical courses and even field trips. If geology is an area of interest for you or your children I highly suggest taking a look at what they have to offer. You can find out more about their other online courses by checking out the other Review Crew reviews!

Online Geology Classes{Northwest Treasures Reviews}

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