July Reading Goals Update

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In January I decided on a goal of reading at least twelve books this year that were just for me. This means I did not count books that I was reading aloud to my children. To many of you this sounds like a small number but life had gotten busy. I had gone from reading multiple books a week (pre-children) to rarely reading a book on my own.

When I last updated at the beginning of June I had finished reading Heroes Next Door, Finding Selah, and The Unhurried Homeschooler. I decided that this was going to be Our Summer of Reading and it is paying off with multiple completed books over the last two months.

I finished reading Read Aloud Family and I am so glad that I did. It was a wonderful book full of practical ideas and encouragement to increase the amount of reading that was taking place in our home. I’ve really seen a difference in our priorities and the amount of reading that we have been able to get in since I implemented some of those strategies.

Next, I read Pocketful of Pinecones. I have owned this book for two years and kept meaning to read it, but never felt like I had time. I’m so glad that I took the time to read it and this summer was perfect timing. The book gave me a renewed love of nature study and some easy fun ideas for fitting more nature study into our days.

Then I read two books that were not on my original list,  No Longer Little and Love, Honor, and Virtue by Hal and Melanie Young. I did a full review of those books on the blog but I am glad that I added them to my list. No Longer Little is a new book about parenting tweens and I felt like someone had been in my house watching my tween when they wrote it. I felt encouraged that I was not alone and appreciated the strategies that were included to help navigate these tumultuous years. Love, Honor, and Virtue is written to boys ages 12-early 20s. I read it to see if it was a book that would be beneficial to my son. While I think in our case my son is not quite ready for it, I believe that it is a great book to help you facilitate discussions about sexual behavior and temptations with your son. I do advise pre-reading it first to make sure your son is ready for the open and frank nature of this book.

I am almost finished reading Clay and Sally Clarkson’s latest book, The Lifegiving Parent, Stay tuned to our Facebook page for a book study on this book in the fall. I have learned so much thus far and encourage you to check it out.

In addition to those I’m going to read The Tale of Cuckoo Brow Wood which is the next book in the Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter. This one is just for fun. It is pleasant, easy to read and so very quaint. It is perfect for summer reading, just grad a comfy spot, some lemonade and enjoy!

Help! I’m Homeschooling: Helpful Habits for the Heart of Homeschooling is one I’m starting this week. It was just released and I’m excited to check it out. It was written by fellow home school mom Tricia Hodges and designed to help new and veteran home school moms establish good habits. I’ll be sharing a full review as soon as I’m finished reading it.

The other two books that I’ll be working on to round out my twelve are God Schooling by Julie Polanco (releases soon) and Book Girl: A Journey through the Treasures and Transforming Power of a Reading Life by Sarah Clarkson which releases on September 4th. I’ll be doing a full review of God Schooling on the blog.

Once I’ve completed those first twelve books (hopefully around mid-September) I plan to continue reading and beat my goal. I’ve really been enjoying spending more time reading this summer and I hope it is a habit that I can continue this fall. What books have you enjoyed lately? Share them in the comments!

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