Join Us For An Adventure Through Ancient History!

As many of you know we spent the last year focusing on US History. We are now ready to begin our second four year cycle through world history. We will be using Story of the World as our spine and adding in fun activities, literature selections, and lots of tasty food to make this a fun and engaging family study. I will have a 7th grader, 5th grader, and four year old tag-along this year as we work through Ancient Times.

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I have created a page of extra book recommendations. I have started with the first ten chapters but will be adding to that each week until I have finished all forty chapters of Volume 1 (and I plan to add the other volumes as we get to them).  I have also created a resource list for each chapter that will include books, art, websites, food, movies, and other resources. At the end of this post you will find a free download of the resource lists for the first ten chapters. I will add the other chapters to the blog once they are finished.

We will begin Story of the World in September and I will be sharing with you the various ideas and projects that we use along the way. There will be extension ideas for the older children (literature, writing, research) and fun ways to include younger children. We will cover roughly one chapter per week, though there are a few chapters we will spread out over two weeks and a few that we will combine.  In addition to Story of the World and the Activity Guide, we will be using some resources from The Productive Homeschooler,(formerly, You Are An Artist, and Home School in the Woods. I have also found many free websites, videos, and printables to round out the program.

You Are An Artist has a wonderful art curriculum that combines history and art together.  We have the You Are An Artist Complete Clubhouse Membership that allows us to use both the history art lessons as well as dozens of other courses including maps, hymns, nature and more. However, if you just want art to go along with your history she offers a history subscription or the Ancient History Course.  You can even try out the Coliseum video lesson for free!

This is our second time going through Story of the World and my two oldest children remember many of the lessons with great fondness. They loved making apple mummies, Lego pyramids, and cooking ‘ Elephant Ears’.  We will repeat some of these activities but also look to go deeper into some of the studies. There are ideas and suggestions for a variety of learning styles. I look forward to sharing this Adventure through Ancient History with you and hope that you will join us in learning about ancient cultures and people.

Volume 1 Resources Chapters 1-10

Volume 1 Chapters 11 through 15

Volume 1 Resources Chapters 16-20

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Resource Library 

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