Take a Look Tuesday: Our School Room


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I need to start off by saying, you DO NOT have to have a dedicated school room to homeschool. That said, we are blessed to have a room that is our ‘school room’. This does not mean that all of our learning is done in that room, but it does give us a place to focus on our school work and to keep the books and materials ‘mostly’ contained. We had an unfinished upstairs and my awesome and handy husband finished a section of it for us to use for our school room.

My cozy window seat might just be my favorite part of this room. I had dreamed for years of a comfy window seat for reading but we never had the right space. When we build this room in a space that had a dormer window it was a perfect fit. Sometimes I sit here to read or teach and sometimes the children sit here and work. We can also use the space to look outside at the trees and watch for birds, squirrels, and other wildlife.


My second favorite spot is my glider rocker area. I have spent many hours sitting in this seat reading to my children, watching them work, teaching them, and praying over our homeschool. When I sit here to read or teach the children can sit at their desks or bring out the pillows or bean bags and sit on the floor in front of me. During different seasons of our homeschool we have had a calendar area just above the rocker as well as a magnetic board for our All About Spelling tiles. There is a CD player just to one side of this so that we can listen to music or audiobooks.


My handy husband also built dual purpose bookshelves. In addition to holding books they serve as a room divider. We have some of our book collection on these shelves, separated into broad categories such as chapter books, picture books, history, science, and Bible. We have a fairly extensive book collection (thanks to yard sales and Amazon) and not all of our books fit into our school room but I try to keep a good variety of fun books to read, books for extra studies, and books that go along with our current curriculum.

On one side of our school room we have a round table that we use for working together or when one of the children needs a larger work space for a project or assignment. My children, particularly my older two, also like to have individual work spaces so they each have a small desk on the other side of the room. The four year old never likes to be left out so he has his own small desk as well but spends most of his time in his preschool space.

Beside the round table I have our preschool area. There is a book shelf which holds bins of educational toys that are only used during ‘school’ time to keep them exciting, books, and crafting supplies for the four year old. In addition he has a small vertical book rack/shelf that makes it easy for him to see the books he has and to put them away when he is finished.I am also working on a container of file folder games to go in this area so that he can work on those with this older siblings.

I hope you have enjoyed this closer look at our school room. We enjoy using this room as well as our kitchen table, front porch, and even the van to learn and grow. I would love to hear about your school room and I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about our space.

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