What About Dad?


Everyone’s family situation is different but whenever possible it is a great idea to involve dad in your homeschool. This can be a way to connect as a family, give mom a little break and bring a fresh perspective to your studies.


In our family my husband runs his own business which means that he has a fairly flexible schedule but also that he works more than the standard ’40 hour week’. Prior to running our home business, he had a non-traditional schedule and worked shifts that meant he might be home on Monday and working Saturday one week and home Thursday the next week. If I kept to a strict Monday through Friday school schedule we would lose time together as a family. We have learned that by being flexible with our school schedule we can spend more time together as a family and my husband can also be available to help in the areas that we need assistance.

Evening Education

We have found that our Evening Education time is a great way for my husband to be involved in our schooling in a fun and positive way. It allows him to support our schooling and stay involved without the children feeling like all of their time is spent ‘doing school’.   We pick a few fun subjects and activities that we can do in the evening together as a family. For example, we can do our music studies or watch Drive Thru History as a family. Check out our Evening Education post for more information.


Another way to utilize dad is to let him help in the areas that he is strong. If dad is a biologist, maybe he can take the lead in science. In our situation, my husband loves American history and so he does a lot to supplement our history studies. He can also provide a fresh perspective when that math concept just is not clicking.

Field Trips

Field trips are another way that dads can be involved. This looks different depending on your situation, but maybe you save field trips for dads day off, or maybe you turn your family vacation into a giant homeschool field trip. If dad has flexibility, maybe he could get off early and meet you for local trips. These could be elaborate trips to see the monuments and buildings in Washington, DC or a several hour trip to a local museum or historical site. It could even be a nature walk at your local park.

Indirect Support

Many times when we talk about dad being involved in our homeschool we think about them actively teaching or assisting the children with schoolwork. However, I think it is important to remember that there are many ways our husbands can support us that are more indirect. Many times our husbands are working to provide the funds for curriculum and supplies. They can also take the children to participate in other activities while we plan and prepare. My husband also takes the time to listen to my ideas and plans and helps me talk through what will be best for our children.

It will look different for every family, but whenever possible it is beneficial to have dad be involved in your homeschool even if it is only by asking the children what they are learning as you sit down to dinner in the evening. Homeschooling is such a major part of the life and culture of a family and making it a ‘family affair’ builds unity and strengthens both the family and the children’s education. How is your husband involved in your homeschool?


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