I Know It: An Online Math Practice Site Review

I Know It Interactive Math Lessons K - 5 grade

Math is a skill that sometimes takes some extra practice and I Know It is an online subscription program that offers that extra practice. This review was different than some other math programs we have tried because rather than being a math program that teaches new concepts, this program reviews the concepts they are learning in other programs. The program includes levels Kindergarten through 5th grade.

I used I Know It with both my 10 and 12 year olds and they both seemed to enjoy the program overall. The program is set up where I could assign them a particular lesson to review (converting fractions to decimals for example) or I could let them choose from with-in the grade level that they were assigned. We did a mixture of both so that I could have them review concepts that they needed review and let them just play around with it a little bit. My twelve year old is beginning seventh grade but used the program to review a couple of concepts that he had forgotten to help him with his current lessons.


Each grade level was divided into sections like basic algebra, geometry, and place value. Then there were specific lessons under those sections. For example, place value to the millions, and comparing decimals to thousandths were two of the lessons in the 5th grade place value set.  Most of the lessons had about 15 questions which was enough to get some practice but did not feel like it drug on and became busy work. The lessons varied between fill int he blank and multiple choice answers. There were also timed sections for math fact drills.


When a child was completing a lesson if they were having difficulties with a problem they could click on the ‘hint’ button to get assistance with that problem.  That would pop up a dialogue box that would give them some assistance in answering the question. There were only a certain number of questions that you could get help with for a particular lesson.


My son thought that the responses that were given to correct answers were really funny and it helped him engage with the program.Each time he answered correctly it gave him a fun comment. Two of his favorites were “You’re the bees knees” and “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. It is such a small thing but it seemed to motivate him to go ahead and do his best answering questions.


As a busy parent I really appreciated the score reports that let me very easily see how they were doing and even see which problems they had missed so that I could better help them with any areas in which they had not scored well.  This program is not designed to be a complete curriculum but is a great supplement to other math programs. It is a fun and simple way for children to review the math concepts that they have learned or get extra practice on concepts that they are struggling with.

If you are looking for a fun math supplement I encourage you to check out I Know It. They even offer a 60 Day Free Trial for you to try the program and see if it is a good fit for your family. Make sure to click below to see all of the other Review Crew reviews.

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