Giving, Giant Sequoias, and Grapes: Letter G Preschool Activities and Printable!


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We had so much fun with the letter F last week! I love that it timed out so that we were able to go to the fair while we studied the letter F. In addition to our regular fair activities (milking a cow, seeing all the animals, tasting yummy treats, and visiting all of the exhibits), we had a lot of fun trying to find things that start with the letter F. When you consider how many things are fried at the fair there were lots of food options for the letter f: fried vegetables, fried candy bars, funnel cake, french fries, fried soda, fried fish, and fudge. The whole family got involved with the letter f scavenger hunt and we found everything except for the fish. His favorite letter might still be B for Benjamin but he had a great time learning about the letter f.


This week’s study of the letter g will be a bit more tame than our study of f but hopefully still lots of fun! No field trips but we will do some nature study, sensory bin work, and Play Doh letter making this week.

Our nature study is going to focus on the giant sequoia trees. We live on the other side of the county from these beautiful trees so a real life field trip is not an option right now. however, I think my son will really enjoy checking out all of the great information and pictures from the National Park Service and the Visit California site.  There is also this cute two minute documentary about the giant sequoias that is free with Amazon Prime. If you wanted to take it a step further you can actually buy a kit to try and grow your own giant sequoia.

We may also take some time to do a little art work related to the letter G. For practicing making the shape of the letter I will use glue sticks and glitter. I will give him a piece of paper with a large letter G on it and then have him trace the letter with the glue stick. After the letter has glue he can sprinkle glitter on it to cover the letter. Shake off the excess glitter into the trash can and he has a sparkly letter G. Since he really loves art we will do one or two chalk pastel projects as well. There is a great green anole in the Backyard Nature lessons or this fun goose lesson in the Pond Nature lessons. If you are concerned about the messiness of the crafts then check out my tips for being able to say yes to crafts and sanity.

Games is a fun extra activity because there are so many options. We can play board games, card games, or outdoor games. Games are a great way to work on various skills while having fun as a family. You can play competitive board games or if the age ranges in your family make this difficult try a cooperative board game like Race to the Treasure  or our family favorite Wildcraft.

Grandparents are a valuable part of a child’s life and this is a great week to spend some time with a grandparent if they live close by or take some time and do a craft or card to send to a grandparent that lives further away. If grandparents are no longer living you could spend a little time this week sharing pictures or telling stories about your parents to your children.

Giving or service can sometimes be a bit tricky when children are younger but there are lots of ways for them to give back to their community. You can make cards to send to people who serve your community or bake cookies for a local fire department. I will have my son help me bake cookies to give to the volunteers that are staying at our church to help with hurricane relief work.  If you want more ideas these 100 ideas were written for the holidays but most could be used anytime of year.

I hope this post gives you some ideas to get started with the letter G. Please share your ideas for letter G in the comments below!

Snack Ideas:


Ginger Snaps

Graham Crackers

Grapefruit (we like ours sliced in half, topped with just a bit of maple syrup and broiled for a couple of minutes)

Godiva Chocolate (ok maybe that is mom’s snack)

Gouda Cheese

Extra Resources:

Letter G Upper Case Craft Freebie

Letter g Lower Case Craft Freebie

Optional Activities:


Nature study on gnats, geraniums, gems, or giant sequoia trees (online unless you are fortunate enough to live close)

Focus on giving by having them work with you to complete a service project (cards for the sick, cookies for a neighbor, etc)

Georgia ( A great chance to learn about the peach state!)

Giraffe (Live WebCam from zoo)

Grandparents! (This is a great opportunity to spend a bit of time with the grandparents if they are local or make a card or craft for them if they are further away.)

Guitars (My son loves playing around on his small guitar and if you don’t have one in the house you can make one from cardboard!


Don’t forget to download your free letter G sensory bin pictures.


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