My Review Year in Review

I was filling out a survey a couple of weeks ago and it asked how many products I had reviewed for the Schoolhouse Review Crew in 2018. I was shocked when I counted up and realized I had reviewed over different 50 products. Some of those I loved and we are still using. Others were not a great fit for our family but I am thankful that I had the opportunity to share each of them with you, my readers.

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When I thought back on the products that I loved the most I truly had a hard time deciding. There were so many great products to chose from. The books from Great Waters Press were certainly in my top ten for ones that were helpful to me as a mom. We all had lots of fun with the history activities from Homeschool in the Woods. Audio dramas and books are a source of both education and fun for our family so both Heirloom Audio and the Brinkman Adventures gave us hours of family entertainment.

When it comes to full curriculum that we found to be most beneficial I can say that Apologia was a big hit. We love how thorough and in-depth the science is while still being engaging and having lots of hands on opportunities.

I thought it would be interesting to ask my children which of the review products   that they liked best.  When pressed to choose one my oldest son, age 12, said that his favorite was Kids E-mail but he also really enjoyed Forensic Faith, Brinkman Adventures, Guitar 360, and Heirloom Audio.

My daughter chose Princess Cut as her very favorite review product. We watched it once as a family but she has watched it several times since then.  Kids E-mail came in a close second for her as she enjoys using her e-mail to keep in contact with a variety of friends and family members. She also enjoyed learning to write in cursive using Cursive Logic. Like my son she enjoyed Forensic Faith and Brinkman Adventures. If I let her I think she might give us a list that included much of what we reviewed, but I told her she was supposed to be choosing her favorites.

My four year old was not involved in as many reviews as a preschooler but we did review several products that were appropriate for him. He decided that he most enjoyed Zirrly beads. He also loved and still asks to use Planet 316 Story Bible App and We liked Pencil Grip markers so much that I have ordered him the paint sticks for Christmas (but shhh don’t’ spoil the surprise and tell him).

I’ve listed our very favorite choices here but feel like I’ve left many really great programs out because we were blessed to try so many great products this year. You can check out all of my reviews and see what products your family might enjoy. The Review Crew also has a great post coming soon to share the products that we voted as our favorites in various categories. I’d love for you to tell me in the comments which program you would like to try or share a program you think we should review.  I have one more review coming next week and then I will be taking a break for about a month before we get started with a new list in 2019!

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3 thoughts on “My Review Year in Review

  1. It is always so interesting to listen to the kids talk about what they enjoyed or fell in love with. Also, what they didn’t like. If your kids are anything like mine, you got an earfull during these discussions. Glad that you all had some things that you just loved. Hope to see you on the Crew in 2019.


    1. They did have a lot to say! Overall, they have really enjoyed the reviews but there are a few things they were not real fond of. I’m excited to read about the favorites in other families.


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