Field Trip Friday: Medieval Times


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We recently had the opportunity to spend a few days in Myrtle Beach, SC for a little rest and rejuvenation. Our primary purpose for this trip was not educational but we did take advantage of a few fun educational opportunities. The first one was not your typical field trip but it was so much fun and a great addition to any study of medieval history.

We are currently studying Ancient history but still wanted to take advantage of this opportunity while we were there both because of its educational value and because we knew the children would have a great time. What is this wonderful opportunity? The dinner show at Medieval Times. We went to the regular evening show, but some days they offer special school/ homeschool shows at lunch time. They even have free lesson plans and materials that you can download to accompany your trip.

When you arrive at Medieval Times you immediately notice that the building is designed as a large castle. This is a great visual for children that have been learning about castles. On the inside you get a chance to meet several costumed interpreters that are playing the role of the queen, knights, and the queen’s advisors. You have the opportunity for pictures and to ask questions while looking at various shields, suits of armor, and other replica items. For a small additional fee you can also tour the dungeon, but this tour may scary for small children. My husband took my oldest through it but said that he would consider the some of the content to be ‘PG13’ so use your own discretion but I probably would not recommend it for children younger than teenagers.

Once the time of your show has arrived you will be seated according to the color that you were assigned when you arrived. This color represents the knight that you will be cheering for during the show. Once seated your server will bring you your beverage of choice and the first of several courses. My four year old’s favorite part of this experience was that there is no silverware; you eat everything with your hands.

Once you are seating with your drinks the show begins. Each year the show changes a bit but the overall idea is that you have multiple knights competing in a series of games. They demonstrate some wonderful horsemanship as well as skill in the competitions. There is jousting, sword fighting, targets and more all demonstrated as a part of the story and show that is taking place in the arena while you enjoy your dinner.

The dinner consisted of soup, bread, chicken, potato, corn and dessert. While not the most gourmet meal that I have ever eaten, it is well cooked with generous portions. It also includes your choice of tea, soft drink, water or lemonade. The ticket price includes the show and your dinner but not the gratuity. You also have the option of purchasing additional drinks (frozen novelties, adult beverages, etc) and a variety of souvenirs and pictures.

My children all enjoyed the show and their dinner. It was exciting and engaging. The horses were beautiful and very well trained. The knights did a great job in the games and they provided an excellent show.

This field trip would be a great way to introduce or conclude a study of knights, castles, and medieval times. The ticket costs vary depending on the season. We went in January which is the off season and they were offering a variety of discounts. They also have special ticket pricing for the lunch time shows. We went to the show in Myrtle Beach, SC but they do have several other castles through the United States and Canada.


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Where: 2904 Fantasy Way Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

Hours of Operation:

Varies depending on the season and castle. Check the calendar here.

Costs: $55.95 adults $28.95 Children 12 and under (regular pricing check for discounts and deals)

Homeschool Discount: If you go during a school showing you can get School Show Pricing of  $26.95 per person


School Show Pricing $26.95 per person

Food: Included with your ticket

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