A is for Anne of Green Gables

I had almost forgotten how much I enjoyed Anne of Green Gables (and the rest of that series) until I had the chance to re-read it with my daughter last month. I assigned it to her because I knew she would enjoy it and I thought it might be good encouragement for her to venture into longer chapter books.

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When I first gave a copy to my daughter she was a little concerned about the length of the book (her copy was almost 400 pages), but I gave her an entire month to finish it and promised the opportunity to watch the movie together when she was done. She did a great job reading it and we enjoyed discussing some of the events and characters in the book. I had hoped to complete a re-read of the book while she was reading it but life had other plans. I still intend to finish it but I did not make her wait for me to finish it for us to start watching the movie. The movie is about three hours long so we watched half one day and are planning on finishing it up soon.

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Anne of Green Gables is an excellent book for reading aloud or having your child read independently.  It would also make a great family audio book. This wonderful tale of a feisty and spirited orphan brings out many different emotions from sadness to laughter throughout the book. There is no one quite like Anne (spelled with an E) and she has a profound effect on all of those around her. As a mother of two adorable red heads her dislike of her red hair makes me laugh, but I think it makes her so very relatable. Most of us had something about ourselves that we wished we could change. I think that her use of imagination helps remind readers about the importance of imagination in our lives. This is a classic that I think all children should read or listen to at some point in their childhood.

Did you read Anne of Green Gables as a child? Have your read it aloud to your children or had them read it independently? What are your thoughts on this book? Check back next week for a great book series with the letter B.

PS When I checked on Amazon they have Anne of Green Gables on audio for less than $1 right now. Please note that prices on Amazon are subject to change so always check before purchasing.

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4 thoughts on “A is for Anne of Green Gables

  1. We have this book, my grandmother gave it us when my daughter was young and she knew that we were going to homeschool. We haven’t read it yet but we keep picking it up so I think we need to make the plan to do so. I am going to set the goal for reading it in March (since February is almost over).


  2. I loooooved Anne of Green Gables as a tween. I think it might be a little slow for my girls yet (they are 8 and 10) with all the flowery descriptions, but I’m excited to share the series with them soon.

    PS– I would really like to see Rainbow Valley or Rilla of Ingleside made into movies if they could be of the same caliber as the Megan Fellows version of Anne of Green Gables.


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