H is for Heroes Next Door: Hornet 24

Heroes Next Door: Hornet 24 holds a special place in my heart. My husband wrote it, and the two lead characters are heavily based on my two oldest children. It is a historical fiction novel based on the Vietnam War. It was inspired by my son’s interest in the war and his relationship with several veterans. When my husband started looking for books for him to read, they often had content that we found inappropriate for children (drugs, language, relationships, etc). He wanted to create a book that would be interesting to students, give an accurate historical picture, and still be appropriate for a younger audience.

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History in the Book

During the story, the reader experiences basic training, flight school, twelve months of life, service, and sacrifice in Vietnam. These stories are told by a veteran helicopter pilot who lives next door as Matt and Ellie develop a friendship with their neighbor, Mr. Ed.

Throughout the story, there are references to current events and culture of the 1960s, life in the Army, flight physics, and modern life lessons for young folks. Chris tried to create an immersive environment to share a typical story and give background information about a controversial war. He also worked to take a moderate position, helping to explain either polarized side of the debate.

Using the Book

This book is a great addition to a US History course, a fun read aloud for any age level, and is a good independent read for upper elementary and middle grades students. While I am sure they are just a little biased since they are on the front cover, it really is my children’s favorite letter H book. My son has read his copy over twenty times.  I highly encourage you to check Heroes Next Door: Hornet 24 out and let me know what you think!

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7 thoughts on “H is for Heroes Next Door: Hornet 24

  1. I love that your husband decided to solve the problem of no books being available that suited your family’s wants. There are so many “kids” books that hold inappropriate material (or at least material that I find to be that way).


  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed this book and have recommended it a number of times to folks who talk about different wars with the students. It is a very well done book that certainly helped me understand a whole lot more about what our military went through.


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