M is for Mandie

When I was a young girl I fell in love with the Mandie series by Lois Gladys Leppard. In a time before Amazon and other online retailers, my mom would take me to our local Christian bookstore and I would purchase one or two new books. I would begin reading them as soon as we got into the car and often finished at least one of them before I went to sleep that evening. They were engaging, entertaining, and full of adventure.

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Mandie Pinterest

Fast forward a ‘few’ years and my eleven year old daughter is now also enjoying these books. I even found out that there were movies made about the first few books and we have enjoyed watching them together. We even found out that the movies were filmed in our home state and we had been to the ‘mansion’ in the movie that now serves as a visitor’s center for a park.

mandie mansion

These books tell of the many adventures of Mandie and her friends Cecilia and Joe. Mandie is helped by her Uncle Ned; who is a Native American friend of her father. After her father dies, she goes to live with her uncle and continues to find mysteries to solve. Adventures seem to await her with every turn of events. Mandie goes through some difficult circumstances during the course of the book, but she learns to trust in God to help her through adversity.

While the main character is a girl, these books are truly fun for girls and boys. They are clean wholesome fiction that will excite and engage readers. I would recommend the Mandie series for upper elementary and middle grades readers.

Tell me what books come to mind when you think of the letter M. Have you read any of the Mandie series?

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6 thoughts on “M is for Mandie

  1. My girls love the Mandie movies, which we discovered after my oldest fell in love with the Mandie books. She has been able to find most of them at the library so we don’t own a lot of them. But, they are very enjoyable books. – Lori


    1. Our library doesn’t have them, but luckily I have found many of them for on a quarter or so at yard sales.


  2. I have never even heard of them. Good to keep on my lists for when our daughter gets a bit older. I fondly remember reading books as soon as I got in the car after their purchase.


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