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Flag Day is an often-overlooked holiday, but there are many great resources to help us celebrate and the history tie-ins are abundant! While it will probably never share the ‘fame’ of  Independence Day on July 4th; Flag Day is a great day to learn more about our flag and our nation’s history. I know that summer is here for many of us and we may not want to have to make one more lesson plan, so I gathered some fun resources that you can easily use to celebrate Flag Day in your home with very little preparation.  Some are more ‘school like’ but there are also some fun ideas, like a flag cake and art work that can feel more like a party than a history class.

It’s flag day because, on June 14, 1777 the second continental congress decreed: “Resolved, That the flag of the thirteen United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation.”

Flag Day Pinterest

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My children love to make a flag cake. We typically make one for Memorial Day (which often is the same weekend as my son’s birthday) and Independence Day but it would be a perfect treat for Flag Day.  Simply make any rectangular cake that you would like (we use two yellow cake layers with strawberries in the middle) and then top with sweetened whipping cream. Once you have a nice white rectangle, they can use blueberries for stars and cut up strawberries to make the stripes. For something a bit more savory we have also made this yummy American Flag Dip.


There are a variety of great art projects and crafts ideas for Flag Day.  We really liked this free chalk pastel flag tutorial or this video lesson. If you like those lessons, you should check out Nana’s US History Course, which is currently 20% off in celebration of her birthday. In addition to chalk pastels, there is a great list of crafts here including one for small children using paint and star shaped cookie cutters that I think will be fun with my five-year-old. Older children might enjoy these patriotic jar lanterns or these washi tape flags.

If the history of the United States and her flags is interesting to you and your students, I have also added our fun ‘US History Through Flags’ packet to the free resource library. This will give you a fun and easy way to incorporate these topics in a few minutes a day throughout the year. You can also follow the US History Through Flags page on Facebook to get daily bits of history right to your news feed.

I have included a variety of resources below to help you tailor your Flag Day celebration to your children.  I would love to know what creative ideas and resources you use to celebrate Flag Day in your home.

Flag Day Resources

History of Flag Day

US History Through Flags

Smithsonian Star Spangled Banner

Flag Day Poster

Flag Day Worksheets

21 Ways to Celebrate Flag Day

Flag Etiquette

Flag Coloring Pages

Patriotic Poems

Why Are There Stripes on the American Flag? (Free on Kindle Unlimited)

F is for Flag

Story of the Star Spangled Banner

Flag Day Resource List (Still Learning Something New)


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Resource Library 

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