The Kingdom Code Journal #4a

This is the lesson in which Matthew’s Lawn Care Service is named and we began a more detailed business plan. He tossed around several ideas for names but decided on this simple but inclusive name after learning about some of the keys to choosing a good business name.

He could have said Matthew’s grass cutting, but The Kingdom Code helped him realize that he wanted a name that left room for his business to grow. Right now, he mainly cuts grass, but he hopes to one day be able to offer other landscaping services such as planting, mulching, and yard clean up. Using his name in the title helped people connect it to him and made is easy to remember.

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Key to the Lesson: “I am prepared to write a good business plan so my Treasure Builder is a success.”

In addition to creating a solid name for his business the first part of lesson four also taught him about sole proprietorships and how they work.  Then he went further into his business plan. He had to decide how customers could contact him about potential jobs. Since he does not have a personal phone, we decided that he could use my husband’s cellphone number as a point of contact as well as his personal e-mail address.  He also had to sit down and work through his weekly schedule to get an idea of how much time he had each week to devote to the business so that he did not take on more than he could accomplish.

The final part of this section was learning about surveys and practicing taking a survey of customers to find out more about what the needs for his types of services were as well as what people were expecting or willing to pay for those surveys. For this portion he surveyed a few family members just to get a good idea of how the survey should work. In the next section we will talk about his opportunity to survey actual potential customers.

Stay tuned  for the second part of lesson four of The Kingdom Code and don’t forget that you can get 10% of this program using Coupon Code:  10TKC08! If you have any questions about our journey let me know in the comments and I will be sure to try and address them in our next installment.

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