The Kingdom Code Journal #4b

As we finished up the second part of lesson four in The Kingdom Code, my son had the opportunity to work more on his business plan and really get into the process of actively recruiting customers for his business. Each step of the way has brought exciting opportunities for him and he continues to be excited and self-motivated with this program.

After completing this page, we discussed the fact that his services would vary from customer to customer based on yard size, difficulty and other factors but this helped him get an estimate.

In our last entry we talked about how he did a practice survey of family members related to lawn care. During this portion he had the opportunity to complete a survey of actual potential customers.  Since he is obviously too young to drive and it is not practical for me to drive him to different places each day for work we had to evaluate the time commitment for each job. As we discussed this, he realized that as much as possible he needed to look for customers close to home. Therefore, when he did his customer survey he chose to talk mainly to the families that live on our road where he would be able to walk to work on his own. While many of the neighbors did their own lawn care, they were all willing to speak to him and gave him lots of positive feedback. It also opened up several new jobs for him as these people asked him to do work for them while they were out of town or otherwise occupied.

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Key to the Lesson: “I am prepared to write a good business plan so my Treasure Builder is a success.”

During this portion of the lesson he also spent some time writing down more specifically which services he would offer, how long it would take him to complete the service, and coming up with selling points to show people that they needed his services.

One of the most fun and creative parts of this lesson was creating a logo. We talked about logos of various businesses and how they make a business easy to identify. Then he had the opportunity to work on creating his own logo. He drew some ideas on paper but then later had one done digitally by a local t-shirt designer (a gift from his father to reward all of his hard work and diligence).

Mathew shirt

Finally, The Kingdom Code taught him that, ” We never promise something we cannot do.”. As someone new to running a business I think this was a really important lesson. He doesn’t need to promise jobs that he is not skilled to complete. For example, he is skilled at grass cutting and weed eating but is not yet ready to offer planting services. This was a week of growth and engagement for his business.

Stay tuned  for lesson five of The Kingdom Code and don’t forget that you can get 10% of this program using Coupon Code:  10TKC08! If you have any questions about our journey let me know in the comments and I will be sure to try and address them in our next installment.

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