Sound For Life, LTD. Soundsory Program (Review)

While not formally diagnosed, my oldest son has struggled with ADHD since he was in kindergarten. When the opportunity to review Soundsory presented itself, I let him decide if it was a program he wanted to try.  He is very bright but sometimes struggles with focus and completing routine tasks. He has been working on various strategies to help him be successful with his focus and decided that this would be a good program to try.

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Soundsory was created by Sound for Life Ltd and is a program designed to help people with ADHD, sensory disorders, motor delays, Autism, and more. The program involves music which has been processed with neuro-acoustic modifications. For approximately twenty-five minutes each day the child listens to this music which is included on the headphones that come with the program. (The program also comes with a nice case for the headphones to help keep them safe.) Sound for Life Ltd states that, ” The music is delivered through air and bone-conduction (the bone-conduction transducer is on top of the skull), for a complete auditory stimulation.” While they are listening, they are encouraged to do other things such as walking, drawing, Legos, or crafts.  My son enjoyed the time working on Legos in his room most days, though he would occasionally listen while we were riding or while he took a walk.


Then he listened to an additional three to five minutes of music while completing a series of movement based exercises. These exercises are not strenuous and require no additional props.  There are online videos of each exercise so that the child knows what to do. Some examples of the exercises include body taps, downward dog, front/back jumping, x-stretch, and hopping in place.


In total, this program took about thirty minutes a day and is designed to last for forty daily sessions. Since the child can be doing other things while they listen it doesn’t really take thirty minutes of time out of your day and is easily fit into most schedules.


My son said that the headphones were very comfortable and the music was fine, though not as exciting as the music that he normally chooses. He enjoyed the chance to relax with the music and his Legos each day. Honestly, we are struggling a bit with whether or not it helped his focus. Since the focus is very subjective and already varied a bit from day to day it is harder to give an objective measure. He is planning to finish out the program (we have not quite completed all 40 days) and is open to trying the program again in a few weeks. Sound for Life Ltd recommends that you take a two-week break in between each 40 day session of Soundsory .

There were a variety of families that tried out Soundsory for many different needs and situations. If you have a child that is struggling with sensory disorders, processing disorders, focus issues or autism, I highly encourage you to visit Sound for Life Ltd for more information and then click on the graphic below and check out the experiences of the other Crew members.

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