Progeny Press Hound of Baskervilles and Little House on the Prairie Study Guide (Review)

Literature is one of my favorite subjects to teach because our entire family loves good books.  When I looked over the titles that were offered for this Progeny Press review, I was very excited to get one for each of my older children to work through on books that I knew they would love. For my daughter, an eleven-year-old sixth grader, I chose the Little House on the Prairie Study Guide because I knew she would love that book and we had not gotten around to reading it with her. My son is a thirteen-year-old eighth grader but a very strong reader, therefore, I decided that he could handle the Hound of the Baskervilles Study Guide even though it was recommended for grades 9-12.

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When I started looking over the Hound of the Baskervilles Study Guide it recommended having my son read the entire book,then go back and work through the book and the study guide section by section. This approach works well with for my son because he hates to stop reading in the middle of a good book in order to answer questions. Since he is working on being more independent with his work, I gave him the book and the study guide, showed him what to do and gave him four weeks to complete the process. This is a shorter time frame than typically allowed for this study guide but I did not have him complete all of the activities and I knew that he was a fast reader and could complete it with-in that time frame. This set up worked really well for him.

He read the book the first week and then set to work on the study guide. The study guide is designed as a fillable PDF so he was able to download it onto his laptop and fill in the answers, then save it for me to check.  The Hound of the Baskervilles Study Guide broke the book down into 6 sections (with an additional overview section at the end) and had a variety of assignments for each section. These included comprehension questions, vocabulary, analysis, sections about literary elements, and optional hands-on activities and writing assignments. My son answered the questions for each section and completed a few of the hands on activities. Since he is working through a different writing program, I chose to let him skip the optional writing assignments but they would work well to make it a complete language arts program.

My daughter reads a bit slower and prefers to be thinking about the questions as she reads. I felt like having her read the whole book and then go back and re-read the sections would feel very challenging for her, and so I had her just read a section of the novel each week and complete the accompanying section in the Little House on the Prairie Study Guide. These sections were set up very similarly to the Hound of Baskervilles Study Guide but the questions were geared towards upper elementary and early middle grades.  She completed all of the questions and an option activity from each section. Some of the activities that she chose were weaving a place mat from paper, watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie from our DVD collection, and her favorite was pretending to be Laura while eating a peppermint stick. She had to lick the stick into a sharp point like Laura did in one of the chapters of the book.

We enjoyed these study guides. While I personally would not want to do that much analysis and questioning with each book that we complete, I think that these are a great way to really dig deep into the novel. I highly encourage you to visit Progeny Press for more information and then click on the graphic below and check out the experiences of the other Crew members who reviewed a variety of different titles.. You can also check out our review of Progeny Press The Scavengers eGuide from last year.

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