Albert Whitman Boxcar Children (Review)

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

I have fond memories of reading the Boxcar Children books as a child and I have shared those memories and those books with my older two children. I was delighted to have the opportunity to review the The Boxcar Children Early Reader Set  by Albert Whitman & Company  with my five-year old son who had not yet known the delight of the Boxcar Children stories.

The Boxcar Children Early Reader Set  that I received contained four hardcover books that each told a different tale from the Boxcar Children series. There are currently six books total in the early reader series, with two more books scheduled to be published this year.

Box Car Pinterest

When my son first opened the package, I noticed that the books were very bright and colorful which immediately drew him into them. As a mom, I also noticed that the hardbound books appeared to be very well made and sturdy. In a house with three boys (including a toddler) that can be very important to the longevity of a book.

Our set included:

The Boxcar Children

Mystery Ranch

The Yellow House Mystery

Surprise Island

We got started reading the same night that the books arrived, curling up together on the recliner to enjoy The Boxcar Children and how they first arrived at their home in the boxcar and eventually found their grandfather. We both enjoyed the fun story and the wonderful illustrations. The books are very colorful and engaging.  Since he is not yet reading, I read each of the stories aloud to him. However, these are Time to Read Level 2 books, so if you had a beginning reader that was reading but not yet fluently enough for chapter books, they may could read them themselves with a bit of help.


My son’s favorite of the series is Surprise Island and he has requested that we purchase the rest of the books. He is even planning on earning some money to help with the purchase. In addition to me reading the books with him, my older children enjoyed reading them aloud to him as well. Since he has heard them several times, he can now use the pictures and his memory of the story to ‘read’ the book himself by telling the story that goes along with the pictures.

I am not always a fan of abridged versions of books, but I love the way these shared the fun and wonderful stories and adventures of the Boxcar Children. I think they will encourage my son to want to read the full chapter books when he is a little bit older and able to read. If you had a fluent but reluctant reader, these books might help spark interest in reading the full-length books.

I am so glad we had the chance to check out these wonderful books and add them to our family library. Reading them with my son was lots of fun and made me look forward to the day when we could read the full-length books together. I will be keeping these books to read with my youngest son in a couple of years as well. Be sure to check out the website for more information about the The Boxcar Children Early Reader Set and click on the graphic below to check out the reviews from other Review Crew members .


The Boxcar Children Early Reader Set {Albert Whitman & Company Reviews} 

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