Spring Cleaning Your Schedule

Most of the time, when we think about spring cleaning, we think about deep cleaning the house. During this time of being home, we have been doing some spring cleaning and going through closets, rearranging bedrooms, and even going through kitchen cabinets. However, the spring cleaning I want to talk about today involves our schedules and activities.

Before the social distancing guidelines and stay-at-home orders, my husband and I had been talking and praying about the fact that we were too busy and needed to make some changes.

While not as much as some (we already work and school from home), our world changed pretty dramatically a few weeks ago when all of the activities that we had scheduled outside of the home came to a sudden stop or moved online.

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spring cleaning

Why Should We Spring Clean Our Schedules?

There are certainly struggles involved in this situation, and we have been praying for those that are out of work, in harm’s way, or sick. However, we are also using this sudden slowdown to take a good inventory of what we miss and what we do not.

We are having good conversations with our children about what they miss and what we might want to cut out permanently in order to give some margin to our lives.

I want to encourage you to use this unexpected time at home as an opportunity to really evaluate your schedules and activities. Take time with your spouse and children to decide what activities are benefiting your family and which ones may need to be changed or eliminated.

Schedule Spring Cleaning Reminders and Questions

I am finding that there are some questions and reminders that can help through this process.

  • Every yes to one thing is a no to something else. (This has really become apparent to us as we now have time for all of those bike rides and play times in the backyard.)
  • What are the benefits of this activity vs. the costs? (Thinking about time and energy costs, not just financial costs.)
  • How much stress does this activity add to our lives?
  • Did we miss this activity during our time away?
  • Is there a way to make this activity fit better into our schedules? (An example for our family is actually one that we were already doing, online music lessons. In-person lessons do not fit for us right now, but I can let the children do online lessons from home.)
  • How does this activity help us to achieve our family vision or goals?

Our family is working diligently at using this time to evaluate all of our activities in light of those questions and hopefully come out of this with more margin and balance. Are there areas of your schedule that need a good ‘spring cleaning’?

I pray if you were feeling too busy or like you weren’t able to enjoy the things you wanted to enjoy that, you can use these questions to help you ‘spring clean’ your schedule and find balance and joy for your family. If you have other tips for helping work through this process, I’d love for you to share them in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Your Schedule

  1. I think this time of social distancing has led several to evaluate and do some spring cleaning of schedules – and that’s a good thing that has come from COVID-19.


    1. Yes, while it has been devastating for many, I have also seen a lot of good come from it when you consider added family time and a chance for reflection.


  2. That’s a good idea – spring cleaning our schedules, analyzing what’s been working and what we can do without. I never thought about spring cleaning in this sense, but now I have, thanks to you!


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