Our Seventh Grade Curriculum Choices (2020)


Today, I am sharing with you what we are using for my daughter’s seventh grade curriculum. While there are a few things that are similar to what I shared a few years ago for my son in seventh grade it certainly is not exactly the same. That is because there is no one best program, it all really depends on the student and what works best for them. Hopefully, a few of these wonderful programs will be a great fit for your family.

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For language arts, we are continuing to use several different programs.  First, we are sticking with All About Spelling. It is one of my favorite programs ever because it was such a game changer for our family. This program helped both of my older children to finally understand spelling and translate what they were learning in spelling to their everyday writing. This will be her last year with the program as she completes the final level. We also plan to continue with Fix It! Grammar from IEW. The short lessons are effective without being overwhelming and I have seen an increase in her understanding and use of proper grammar. Last year she started Sharon Watson’s writing program Jump In and will continue that program this year. The program is designed to be broken up between two and three years. Since we also include several research projects and essays through Junior Historians and 4-H we will probably take the full three years to complete the program. It is a gentle but effect approach to improving writing.


Finally, for literature we are really switching things up.  Last year, my daughter started a wonderful music appreciation course from Zeezok that she had planned to complete. However, we found that it was just too much on top of all of her other school work and extracurricular activities.  The program is based around some wonderful biographies. So this year, we decided that for half of her literature we are going to focus on those biographies and activities. She loves music and hopes to be a violin instructor one day so this is a great way to incorporate her interests into her school work. In addition, we are going to read a novel together in between each biography. We are still working out the exact list but we are looking at some classics including Anne of Avonlea, Pride and Prejudice, and Little Women.


She was very sad that she had to switch programs for math this year because she had completed the highest level of Math for a Living Education. We tried samples of various programs, and she decided that she wanted to try using Teaching Textbooks for pre-algebra this year. This will be her first time using an online program for math. We will see how that works for her, but she enjoyed the sample lessons at the beginning and is looking forward to getting started.

For science, she will be doing a study of anatomy and physiology. We are using Apologia’s Anatomy and Physiology course as our spine. This is the last book in that series that she needs to complete. We have really enjoyed using the series with both she and my ninth grader. My first grader will be joining her for science this year, though obviously with much different expectations.

For history this year our family is going to study ancient history. My daughter along with my first grader will be Story of the World Volume 1. My high school student will also study ancient history but using a high school level course through SchoolhouseTeachers.com.  This will be my daughter’s second time going through volume one and I will be adding in some addition reading. In addition, she will be adding in some history pockets from Evan-Moor.  Those can be purchased individually but they are also included in the Evan Moor Teacher FileBox which has a ton of great resources all in spot and they are offering a 30 day free trial right now.

For art, she will work on lessons from You Are An Artist Chalk Pastels. She does not see herself as much of an artist, but has found that she can follow along with Nana’s simple and clear instructions to create adorable pictures. She is also very excited to try the new sewing course that is being offered from You Are an Artist. Needlework is an art form that she really enjoys.


For music, she takes violin and piano lessons from Practice Monkeys. We love this gentle and convenient approach to music lessons. She is progressing through the levels of the program quickly and enjoys practicing each day. I love that I never have to push her to practice or even remind her. She sets an alarm on her watch so she doesn’t forget and she is happy to virtually go to class each day.

We have also been using a subscription to SQUILT Music over the summer for music appreciation and the children have asked to continue to us that program through the year. This program supports her love of music and encourages her to learn more about other great musicians. Each month there are two new ‘live’ lessons that are done virtually and introduce students to a new composer or musician. In addition, you can access all of the previous lessons as recording at any time.

In addition to these programs, she will be doing Bible study each day and our morning time which will include read alouds, hymn study, nature study and more. We try to stay flexible and change things up if they are not working well. We will also be included a wide variety of  review products.

What are your favorite middle grades resources?

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