Explore with Books: Corduroy (Review)

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When my oldest two children were in preschool, I would make lots of cute activities and lessons for us to do together. It was a fun creative outlet for me and I wanted to make sure I was creating a learning rich environment for them. Fast forward a few years and I have a high school student, a middle school student, a first grader, and a two-year-old. Now that I am juggling all of those plates, finding time to create fun activities for my two-year-old felt out of reach, but I still wanted to provide him with that same learning rich environment.

Children learn through play so I knew that I didn’t need an academic lesson plan, but some ideas for intentional play. I was blessed with the opportunity to review several “Explore with Books” units from MyFullHeartShop. These units solved my problem of not having time to plan by having everything laid out for me, and allowed me to use my time engaging with my son.

I reviewed the digital version of the units, which meant that I received a PDF that included all of the instructions and activities. I could then choose which ones I wanted to complete, gather a few simple materials, and enjoy learning with my son. The instructions were not hard and I only spent about 20 minutes gathering materials and getting things set up for a week of activities. However, if even that feels overwhelming right now , you can buy a physical kit that is shipped to your door with everything you need ready to go.

We chose to focus first on the unit that went along with the book, Corduroy. I have always loved that book and was excited to share it with my two-year-old (and my six-year-old that listened along with us). Once we had read the book there were a variety of activities to choose from.

There was a bear sorting activity, texture activities, fine motor skills, counting, and even colors. Each of the five days had a main activity as well as an additional activity that you could complete. Our favorite activity with the Corduroy book was a series of texture cards. My son enjoyed playing with them and we were able to use different adjectives to describe them.

Overall, I really appreciated that these kits made it easier for me to spend less time planning and more time engaging with my son. I also loved that it was flexible and the activities only took a few minutes because like most toddlers, my two-year-old does not have a long attention span. In addition to this Corduroy kit, MyFullHeartShop has a great selection of different kits and files to help you engage in intentional play with your young children. There are kits that focus on birds, colors, fine motor skills and more. There are options regarding digital files and ready to go kits that are shipped to your door. Check out all of the fun kits and share with me how you like to engage your young children in fun educational play.

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